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    I love: Aurelia, Francesca, Helena, Juliette, Rosalie
    I really like: Beatrix, Cordelia, Honor, Luna, Thea
    I like: Grace, Katrina, Rose, Rosemarie
    Fine name, I just don't personally like it: Angelina, Evangelina, Halina, Isabella, Scarlett, Zara
    Not a fan: Ameline (sounds awkward to me), Clementine (I don't like the sound of this at all), Juneau (also not appealing), Margeaux (this says 'mahr-DZOH', not with a hard G sound because G + E = soft G), Reverie (suddenly people think it's the cat's pyjamas since a blogger used it but it wasn't on anyone's radar before. I think it's kinda lame to nab a name that way... it doesn't help that I don't find the sound appealing what so ever. I don't "get it")

    I love: Eli, Felix, Isaac
    I really like: Ari, Henry, Jasper, Leonardo
    I like: Andreas, Christian, Maximilian
    Neutral: Dmitri, Zane
    I really don't like: Beau (weird word name, and not an appealing sound to me), Jude (I hate the sound of this, it's one of my two most disliked names), Percy (don't like the feel of this, nor the sound), Romeo (this honestly makes me want to roll my eyes, as much as I like Shakespeare...)
    Name aficionada, traveller, teacher, wonderfully enamoured
    Sela Beatrix, Vivian Lilac
    Bastian Ephraim, Gideon Felix

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    Angelina: My thoughts are instantly to Angelina Ballerina and Angelina Jolie. Which aren't really bad connotations, but...
    Aurelia: Very pretty!
    Ameline: Conflicted. It seems like it's trying to hard to be differ from Amelia.
    Beatrix: I go back and forth on this one. Some days I like it, others I don't. Today I don't.
    Cordelia: This one's growing on me. I could definitely imagine it on someone of all ages and professions.
    Clementine: Really dislike, sorry...
    Evangelina: Evangeline is already princessy enough, but the -a makes it a bit over the top for me. Maybe as a middle?
    Francesca: Love! Pretty and elegant
    Grace: Nice, safe name, but a bit boring
    Honor: I think this one's better in theory than practice.
    Halina: Hm, different, never heard of this before! When I say it out loud, it just sounds like a misspelling of Helena, though.
    Helena: I never know how to pronounce it! He-lay-na, Hell-enna, Hell-eena?
    Isabella: Very common! I also don't really care for the sound of it, but that's just me.
    Juliette: Pretty but seems pretty trendy right now.
    Juneau: Ooh I kinda like this one! I intensely dislike Juno because it just looks wrong, but I think I could stand Juneau better.
    Katrina: Hurricane! Maybe it wouldn't be the association for the rest of the country, but I'm from New Orleans so...
    Luna: I've never liked this name. It doesn't seem like a name for an adult...or even a human really...
    Margeaux: I like this spelling the best! Although the fact that there's multiple spellings could cause confusion. Addressing a previous poster, I always pronounced the word "Geaux" as "go" (as in "geaux Tigers!" or "geaux Saints!"), so I wouldn't mispronounce it as Mar-joe.
    Rose/Rosalie/Rosemarie: Rosemarie is my favorite! Followed by Rose. Rosalie is just too trendy in the wake of Twilight right now. I see it everywhere.
    Reverie: Like Honor, better in theory than in practice.
    Scarlett: Pretty.
    Thea: This one's been growing on me too! I think it's a fine name!
    Zara: Exotic flair! Very pretty as well.

    Andreas: Not sure what to think about this one. It kinda sounds like "undress".
    Ari: Ari is a boy's name?
    Beau: I dislike this name. I knew someone with it and it just seemed really awkward to call him Beau.
    Christian: Nice, safe name. Nothing really bad about it.
    Dmitri: I like this name a lot! But spelling is a nightmare.
    Eli: Love Eli!
    Felix: I always think of the cat :/
    Henry: For some reason, I always think this name is so pretentious. I can't really imagine a Henry who's not like...upper class and snooty.
    Isaac: Love this name! My favorite from your boy's list.
    Jude: Agree with the PP that I hate the sound, and look, and it's one of my least favorite names. :/
    Jasper: Very trendy in the wake of Twilight.
    Leonardo: I think this one would make an excellent middle name, a bit much for a first.
    Maximilian: Very nice! I like it!
    Percy: For some reason, I think of Thomas the Train? I can't get over that association enough to like it, sorry. :/
    Romeo: Sounds like a rapper's name.
    Zane: I love this one as well! My favorite in addition to Isaac!
    21-year-old boy who just happens to like baby names.

    Girls: Amberley, Astrid, Athena, Cypress, Darcy, Kassia,
    Kimberley, Laurel, Lindsay, Lisandra, Lissette, Maryelle, Misty,
    Rosemarie, Saba, Sabine, Sky, Thalia

    Boys: Alexander, Bjorn, Blair, Erik, Fable, Isaac, Kasey, Layne,
    Mark, Maverick, Montana, Riley, River, Sage, Satchel,
    Shane, Shea, Shepherd, Slade, Thatcher, Zander, Zane

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    Angelina - I like it. I know there's the connection with Angelina Jolie, but I like the name either way.
    Aurelia - Meh, it's ok.
    Ameline - Seems made up.
    Beatrix - Don't like it. Just NMS.
    Cordelia - LOVE!!! I'm hoping when I have kids my FI will like this. I'd call her Cora :-)
    Clementine - I'm sorry but I really hate this name.
    Evangelina - Don't like it at all.
    Francesca - Kinda like it. I knew a girl with this name that went by Frankie.
    Grace - Boring and overused (especially as a middle).
    Honor - Don't like it.
    Halina - Not sure about this one. It's ok.
    Helena - NMS.
    Isabella - Way too popular and I hate a lot of "bella" names.
    Juliette - Love but I prefer Juliet.
    Juneau - Don't like.
    Katrina - Like it!
    Luna - Don't like.
    Margeaux - I kinda like it but the spelling throws me off. I like Margot better.
    Rose/Rosalie/Rosemarie - Meh. Nothing exciting to me.
    Reverie - Really don't like.
    Scarlett - Like it!
    Thea - Seems incomplete.
    Zara - It's ok.

    Andreas - Not bad. NMS though.
    Ari - I do kinda like it but I feel like this has been used as a nn for so many girls lately.
    Beau - Hate, sorry.
    Christian - Not bad.
    Dmitri - Don't like. Seems misspelled and weird.
    Eli - Like it as a nn for Elijah.
    Felix - It's ok. NMS.
    Henry - It's grown on me. I like it.
    Isaac - Love it!
    Jude - Love!!!
    Jasper - Hate, sorry.
    Leonardo - It's ok. What about Leopold?
    Maximilian - Don't like. My favorite longer version of Max is Maxwell.
    Percy - It's ok. NMS but nice.
    Romeo - Not bad. I think there maybe be a lot of "Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?" teasing but it's not a huge deal.
    Zane - Love!!!

    Juliet (spelled this way)

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