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    I can't tell. I wish I didn't care but I do. My husband told someone tonight and they had a negative reaction... and the name slowly fell in my mind. Never knew how much of a people pleasure I was until this baby naming adventure came along!!

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    We don't anymore. We did with our first, and not that many people disparaged our choice, but we weren't 100% certain about it and we got lots of monogrammed gifts. After that were like, "OK, I guess that is what he's going to be called!"

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    I have learned my lesson with my 4 previous children that people can ruin names for me. So when we get pregnant next time i will definitely not be sharing our name(s). Hopefully People will keep their opinions to themselves when the name is attatched to a child.
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    We shared our individual long lists (we kept separate lists in the beginning) with our friends and family pretty early in the process and asked for their thoughts, but told them up front that we didn't plan take their opinions too seriously. As it got closer to the due date, we did reveal our short list to our families, but told them that they wouldn't get more than that until after the boys were born. It wasn't hard to stick to that because we didn't decide on their names until they were 2 days old anyway.

    I really liked getting feedback from people around me, but I think doing it early in the process with huge lists was beneficial. That way we weren't too attached to any single name yet and there were LOTS of names for people to comment on so they got the picture that it was very preliminary and they were all just names we liked but maybe weren't going to use (there were definitely some "dreaming" names on there). Presenting it in that light got us productive feedback, and no one was too negative. But we could also have just been really lucky.
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    I discuss my names with others, so I guess I'm in the minority. I enjoy getting feedback from people, even when it's not positive. It's easy enough for me to brush off negative comments if I can write them off as a matter of different tastes, and sometimes people have actually pointed out unfortunate associations or potential pitfalls I failed to consider. Plus, I just enjoy talking about names with people.

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