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    Are you sharing your name ideas with people?

    Hey Berries,

    I'm wondering if you are sharing your name ideas or your final choices with family and friends. We have names picked out and I'm a little hesitant to get a flood of opinions from people actually in my world and not just anonymously on here! What are you all revealing??

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    I am not pregnant but I will not be sharing the names when that day comes. I don't even tell friends/family my current favorites.
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    Hi Ferdinand! We did not reveal the names we had chosen with our first, and are doing the same this time around. I find myself not wanting the opinions of friends and family to change how I feel about a name, so in order yo save myself from hearing something I may not want to hear, our chosen names are ours alone until the baby arrives. Everyone will have an opinion, and it's much harder to be citical of a name when holding a tiny new bqby!!

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    I haven't decided yet (won't be having kids for at least a year or so). I haven't really shared my favorites right now, but every time someone I know has a baby, I hope they don't use a name I like, haha. So far so good but a bunch of people I know are pregnant now! At least I have a decent list of names going so if a friend uses a name I like, I still have others I love. Plus most of the people I know that are pregnant aren't good friends, so I'm not AS worried about using names if these people use them.

    I'm also not 100% sure if we will decide the name before the baby is born. I like the idea of narrowing it down to a few choices, then seeing which name the baby "feels" like. So that might be what we do. But like I said, we have plenty of time to decide!

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