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Thread: Roxana or Zoe?

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    Roxana or Zoe?

    Hi my august/leo baby's going to be a 1/2 persian- 1/2french little girl.
    I have two names I'm really liking right now.

    Roxana Mae Fazelinia (Rmf or Rfm)


    Zoe Farrah Fazelinia (Zff or Zff)

    What would be your first impression of someone with each of these names?
    Which seems more likely to be a dr/lawyer/law student's name to you?
    Which do you think is the classier/richer sounding name? Any first impressions helpful. Thanks

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    Both these names are fantastic, but I'll give the slight edge to Roxana. I think it's just a bit fuller- as much as I like Zoe, it is very short and un-nickname-able, plus that -e ending is a little youthful. Roxana just seems more flexible.
    I still love both names, though, and you really can't go wrong.

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    Thank you for the positive reply :-) I appreciate it.

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    I agree with daisy, Roxana does have a little more edge, she's less expected. I love your combo Roxana Mae, Mae sweetens up Roxana just enough.
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    I agree with the above and like Roxana Mae a little better than Zoe Farrah. But I think both are nice and will work well!

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