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    I concur with the the previous poster that it should be a nn for an alternate less avante garde name. Jasper seems the most compatible choice, maybe Jason. Jazz as a official name could also be limiting when he gets older, right or wrong, when he is pursuing a career.

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    I think Jazz sounds, well, just jazzy...jazz hands, all that jazz, jazz it up....

    Not for a's a cute spunky name for a girl but for a boy it sounds like you are just asking for trouble...I love the name Jasper and using Jazz as a nn...I think there are other Jazz related names that you could go with that aren't so literal...













    Duke (Ellington)


    those names seem a little more "namey" and less literal...I hope I didn't offend...I like the Jazz reference for sure though

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    i'm contradicting most of the other posters. I went to high school with a boy named Jazz. He played the saxophone in bad and no one ever once made fun of him for his name. He was cool, a foot ball player, relaxed, popular... He wore it really well. The last poster said it would be better on a girl and I think that's strange.

    I think it's cool. I think of the guy I went to high school with. he had a normal middle name, Jazz Michael H--- I think.

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    thanks everyone for your feedback thus far! I can see your points and Jasper is a great alternative. I will throw it out there to hubby but he is pretty much SET on Jazz and feels pretty strongly about it. So we will see. I am glad someone else out there named their son this and had a good experience. Thanks for your post!!

    We have one son already, who is 5 and named
    Brandon Alexander. So he has the traditional, common yet strong name of the family. He also is a character and tries to stand out of a crowd, so too bad we didn't think of Jazz for him instead! lol.

    As far as middle names goes, this is our very tentative list. Since our last name is Lee

    Jazz Addison Lee
    Jazz Frederick Lee (naming after grandfather)
    Jazz Maxwell Lee
    Jazz Harrington Lee
    Jazz >> Lee
    That's all we got folks! agh!!
    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    I always read posts saying that employers might not hire someone based upon their name, but that's entirely not true. I know many people with absurd names that have great jobs. That being said, I think Jazz is a great name. Jazz Timothy is my best suggestion. I agree with a previous poster that the middle name should be longer than one syllable. Plus, if your son truely prefers not to be called Jazz when he is an adult, he can always go by his middle name.

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