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    Before I was married, I wanted 3/4 kids. I grew up with 4 siblings, so I wanted that for my kids as well. After I was married, my hubby and I had settled on 2, with the possibility of a third. We want certain things for our children, and our family as a whole. Some of it comes down to money, but it's not everything.

    We currently have one daughter and a baby on the way (gender is a surprise!)

    Now that we have one, and I'm currently pregnant, I think 2 might be it. I'm exhausted, and don't really feel like I'm enjoying the pregnancy. So with 2 little ones running around, I just know know if I could do it a third time. However, we do plan to give ourselves at least a couple years before we make any decision about baby #3.

    Interesting post! Thanks for asking

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