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    I wanted to have two kids and although I planned to have two, I'm now a mother of three. My youngest was unplanned, but my husband and I are so happy to have her in our family and can't imagine living without her. Right after my youngest was born, I wanted to have one more, but I don't think I would be able to handle four kids now. I think age gap is important although it depends on people. The only reason I wanted to have four was because I thought my youngest would feel left out since my two older kids are six and five while she is only five months old. I think you don't really know how many kids you want before you actually become a mother because you can never know a life as a mother before you become one.
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    How many kids did you want before you had kids?
    When I was a kid I said I wanted a dozen. HAHA! By the time I was ready for my family I wanted 5-6.
    How many kids do you have now?
    Two. Boys.
    Do you want more? How many?
    I desperately want more. 5-6 total. Although, DH came to me a couple of weeks ago and said "Hey, I was thinking if we are in a good place financially after we have a few more kids that we could have up to, like, eight. What do you think?" I said he would be finding another woman to help him get that many. (Although, in my heart of hearts, I know that if I have enough energy I will do it.)
    Do you find yourself wanting more or fewer kids than originally planned? Why?
    I want the same number I originally planned, because I have given it a lot of thought and am comfortable with it after having had two already. I have always known I wanted a large family. :-)
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    How many kids did you want before you had kids? 4 but DH wanted 2

    How many kids do you have now? 3

    Do you want more? Yes
    How many? 1

    Do you find yourself wanting more or fewer kids than originally planned? Same Why? Originally we thought we would stop at 3 since DH wanted 2 and I wanted 4, but as I have aged I have had a sudden change of heart and really want complete my dream of 4.

    Anything to add? Sometimes heath, pregnancy issues and money change your plans- even if they don't change your mind!
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    How many kids did you want before you had kids?
    Before I got married, I wanted like five or six. I adored children and since I was a nanny over the summers of my college years to put myself through college I thought that I knew what I was getting into with a lot of children. But when my husband and I had our first serious children talk, we decided on four. And then during labor with our first son I was like "Nope. Not doing this again." Obviously I did

    How many kids do you have now?
    I have three boys ages eight, five, and three, and our first daughter is due in six days (yikes!).

    Do you want more? How many?
    I think right now my husband and I are content with our three boys and our daughter. I feel like our family is going to be complete with four kids. We have enough rooms in our house for each kid to have his or her own room, we all fit comfortably in our stylish minivan, we know that we can pay for all four kids' college tuitions. Four is a good number for us.

    But this pregnancy was so good and it makes me so sad sometimes to think that I'll never be pregnant again, that I'll never meet a new child again after this one. So maybe, maybe in a few years we might have another baby.

    Do you find yourself wanting more or fewer kids than originally planned? Why?
    Right now, the number that we originally planned is good for us.
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    I wanted 2 or 3 before I had my daughter.
    I have one, but I am expecting
    I will see how I feel after #2 gets here
    Having an uneven amount of kids can cause problems. I think I will be done after second one.

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