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    Number of Children

    I know many people say one thing when they don't have kids, and say another after they've had a few, so...

    How many kids did you want before you had kids?

    How many kids do you have now?

    Do you want more? How many?

    Do you find yourself wanting more or fewer kids than originally planned? Why?

    Anything to add?

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    Before I had any kids, I wanted at least 3 kids, maybe as many as 4.

    After my first, I knew I wanted a second.

    After my second, I knew I wanted a third.

    I'm now pregnant with #3 and I'll see how I feel after this one.

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    Before we got pregnant, I wanted three or four. Part of me would love to have that many. However, when we got pregnant with DD, I suffered from a condition called Hyperemesis Gravidarum. This terrible condition has made me rethink all of our plans. We may have one more, but I'm not sure I can survive it a second time.
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    Before I got pregnant, I wasn't very maternal and I didn't want any children.
    I've got two daughters, and I think we'll probably have one more within the next 5 yrs. OH would love 4-5 children but I honestly don't think that that's doable for us.
    I'd happily stop at the two we have but a third would be nice. We'd both really like a baby boy!
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    I always wanted to have four, three girls and a boy or four girls! I have two daughters now and although I would love to welcome another bundle of joy to our family, I don't feel like that will happen within next four or five years.
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