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    Gothenburg, Sweden

    Crushing on
    ♥ Elsie ♥ Molly ♥ Inga ♥ Flora ♥ Rosa ♥ Maj ♥
    ♥ Oscar ♥ Georg ♥ Axel ♥ Viggo ♥ Pelle ♥ Ingo ♥

    among others

    ~ Always dreaming... ~

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    Current Favorites:
    Girls: Juliet Elizabeth, Jacqueline Eden, Katherine Noelle, Charlotte Marie, Eliza Catherine, Eve Augusta,
    Isla Rose, Maeve Elizabeth

    Boys: Matthew Thomas, Maxwell David, Nicholas Paul, Benjamin Luke, Jonah Robert, William Peter,
    Joseph Alexander, Andrew James

    Names I'm not sure about:
    Esme Faith, Nora Genevieve, Claire Madeleine, Blyth Margaret, Margaux Claire, Jack William, Troy Christopher

    All the best,

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    I like the suggestion of Eden. Especially if keeping the first's 4 letters each is important to you.

    I have twin boys, Graham and Everett. If they'd been girls I wanted to name them Erica and Bianca until I remembered they were mother and daughter on All My Children!

    If I have triplet girls I'd name them what I named my 3 girls: Sylvia, Nina and Erica. If I had triplet boys I would just tack on my 3rd choice for my boys, which was Lionel.
    Mom to 5 hilarious kids:
    Twins Graham Henry and Everett Sebastian, Sylvia Pearl, Nina Lucille and Erica Felicity

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    Rose, Lucy, and Bella was the first combination that came to my mind.

    I would use Cora, Edith, and Phoebe.

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