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Thread: MN for Astrid?

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    MN for Astrid?

    Not pregnant (that I know of) just yet but hopefully soon. We have our boy's name pretty much set in stone, but girls' names have always thrown us for a loop. The one I keep coming back to is Astrid. I know that it's a very divisive name and yes, I'm aware of the Office references and all that, but I still love it.

    I'm looking for a middle name that will flow well with Astrid. Our last name sounds like "Buh-HUN-yak."

    I prefer not to repeat first-middle initials. I really intensely dislike "typical" middle names such as Rose, Leigh, Marie, Mae, Jane, Ann, etc. I want something pretty and feminine (to balance the "harsh" consonants in Astrid and our last name), not predictable, but not completely bizarre either.

    Right now my favorite combo is Astrid Noelle, although I'm not sure if Noelle is edging toward that "predictable middle" category.

    One more request: I get totally overwhelmed when I see long lists of names, so please try to narrow it down to your very favorites, maybe 5 max. ;-)

    Thanks, Berries!!

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    Astrid Susanne

    Astrid Shellaine

    Astrid Patricia

    Astrid Vera

    Astrid Morgan

    they are solid names but not used often for middles but are more on the common side compared to Astrid...would you consider your middle name or another name sake?

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    @reeljagkb - my middle name is Marie ;-) lol. So that's part of the reason I really dislike "typical" middle names.

    We have a son who is not named after anyone, so I would prefer not to name our 2nd child after anyone either. I don't want our son to feel left out, nor do I want to insult other family members by naming this baby after someone but not the first one, if that makes sense.

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