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    Boys Names Blah - could you fall in love with any of these?

    So I have a lot of girl names I love but am struggling to get excited about any of our boy name picks so far. We're not due for AGES so we have plenty of time but I wouldn't mind hearing people's initial thoughts on these options.
    We prefer quite traditional international names first then want to have an edgy quirky name thrown in the middle spot that isn't chavvy. The only mms that fit this criteria I've found and liked are Zane and Axel and maybe Camden. All the others are a bit blah/average/unexciting. But the big problem is the first names - I am just not in love with them and family names are no inspiration either (John, William, Edward, Peter, Noel) although my brother is Guy - is that a good mn?

    Xavier Leo (Xav)
    William Zane (Will)
    Vincent Noel (Vin)
    George Alistair (Geo)
    Leo Camden
    Sebastian Zach (Bas)
    Cameron Axel (Cam)
    Edward Zane (Ned)
    Lucas Evan
    Tristan Zane (Tris)

    Any suggestions fellow berries? FYI our last name is Hendricks-Kumar and I am Scottish/British and my husband is half Chinese, half Indian, born in Toronto and raised in Atlanta. And we also have a Dutch connection as we met in Amsterdam and lived there for six years. So names that work across the world are essential... HELP!
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    Xavier Leo (Xav) - I like it. What about Xavier Leopold?
    William Zane (Will) - I LOVE Zane! William is ok. I like the nn Will better than Bill or Billy.
    Vincent Noel (Vin) - I like it.
    George Alistair (Geo) - Not a fan.
    Leo Camden - I like a longer name for Leo like Leopold. Camden is totally a guilty pleasure name for me. My dad grew up there so it would be an honor to him. BUT it's a terrible city now. So if that association doesn't bother you then it's fine.
    Sebastian Zach (Bas) - Prefer a longer version of Zach. I think Zachary would work. I like Sebastian but I don't like the nn Bas. Prefer Ian if you want a nn.
    Cameron Axel (Cam) - It's ok. I don't think it flows well.
    Edward Zane (Ned) - Don't like Edward at all. Really don't like the nn Ned (and honestly I don't get where it comes from?).
    Lucas Evan - Love it!
    Tristan Zane (Tris) - Love! Probably my favorite, though I don't like the nn. I don't think Tristan needs a nn.

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    Xavier Leo (Xav) -- I really like this one!
    William Zane (Will) -- William doesn't go with Zane very well IMO. William Noel or William Alistair is good though.
    Vincent Noel (Vin) -- It's nice, but nms
    George Alistair (Geo) -- They have nice flow but are completely different. George Camden, George Noel, George Leo, or George Evan are good
    Leo Camden -- This is good. Love Leo
    Sebastian Zach (Bas) -- Don't like these together. Sebastian Alistair, Sebastian Leo are good
    Cameron Axel (Cam) -- I don't like this at all
    Edward Zane (Ned) -- love it
    Lucas Evan -- It's nice but not as good as some of the others
    Tristan Zane (Tris) -- LOVE -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I do like a lot of your suggestions...

    Xavier Leo is my favourite, and the suggestion of Xavier Leopold is awesome but I do think Xavier Leo Hendricks-Kumar sounds great.

    William, Vincent , George and Edward are just too bland for me, and make better middle names.

    I think Camden is rather chavvy. Something like Leo William or Leo Sebastian would be cool - Leo Sebastian Hendricks-Kumar - love this!

    Sebastian, Lucas and Tristan are all gorgeous names but I don't really like them with your last name(s).

    Favourites are definitely Xavier Leo Hendricks-Kumar and Leo Sebastian Hendricks-Kumar!

    Other ideas...
    Zane Hendricks-Kumar
    Elias Hendricks-Kumar
    Oscar Hendricks-Kumar
    Evan Hendricks-Kumar
    Silas Hendricks-Kumar
    Asher Hendricks-Kumar
    Isaac Hendricks-Kumar
    Troy Hendricks-Kumar
    Finn Hendricks-Kumar
    Blake Hendricks-Kumar
    Dante Hendricks-Kumar
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

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    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
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    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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