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    American names that mexicans can say!

    My husband loves american names, not mexican names so much, that being said, our last name is Hernandez and his parents and siblings dont speak English. We also dont know where we will be living (in the US or Mexico), and I want a name that they could use to fit in my white and nerdy culture and also the mexican culture. I like the names Leslie, Denisse, Owen, Rebeca, and Emily. Owen, Denisse, and Emily are taken. How does Leslie Rebeca Hernandez sound (in english and spanish?) We also love the name Elijah Scott for a boy but I dont know what my in-laws would call him. Any good nick-names? I also want my name to have a meaning behind it that will inspire my future son or daughter. Biblical is great but it doesnt have to be. Just no Jezebels. I want a good bible character, lol. Any suggestions? Muchas gracias!

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    Some ideas that I like are Felicity or Felicia, Katherine and Alicia. I was really hoping for some fresh perspective. Anyone?
    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    I have the same query! My husband is mexican and I am white, and when we talk about baby names for our future kids we have to consider how it will look next to our last name, and ones that will sound good in his family's thick accent! His parents struggled to say my very American first name when we first met, and we don't want them to have the same problem when it comes to saying their grandchildren's names! Luckily, most of my favorite names for girls are flowy names that end in "a," which I think would be easy for the in-laws to pronounce. Here are a few of my (many) favorite girl names:

    Calla- my very VERY favorite but hubby doesn't feel the love

    Not sure if they're your style, but all have been "accent tested" by my husband lol. I like the names on your list too! I love Alicia, and would want to use it as a middle name for a future daughter if it wasn't for the fact that everyone in my neck of the woods would pronounce it ALI-sha, instead of the beautiful ALI-cia. Everything sounds better with a spanish accent, doesn't it?
    As far as boy names go, our first will be named Edward, after my husband. We don't have too many other favorites that we agree on, but my hubby loves Theo, pronounced THEY-oh. I'm not totally on board with that one, yet. I love Elijah. I don't think it would be too hard for them to say, especially if he went by Eli. I love biblical boy names. Some others I like are Abraham, Emmanuel, Gabriel, Samuel, and Jonah. Elias and Efrain are names of two of my husband's uncles, I wouldn't mind using either of those! Both totally cool.
    Hope this helps! Thanks for posting, love this thread!

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    Yay! Thank you for your post! I'm glad I'm not the only one. I will definitely run some of those by my husband. I think Clara is my favorite. Clara Alicia Hernandez and Clara Felicia Hernandez sound like a good options for me. And we'll see with Elijah. I love it. I like both pronounciations of Alicia, although the latin one IS better! Efrain is a great name, except it will forever remind me of a trouble maker that I had as a pre-school teacher. Being a former teacher rules out a lot of names for me, lol. My favorites on your list are Samuel, Abraham, Elias (though my husband doesnt like it you should use it!) and Theo is adorable to me. I think of THEE-o and TEY-o pronounciations. I dont know if I like THEY-o either. Edward is also a great name. Hopefully my name list will help you. Here are some that wouldnt suit my husband's taste (or taken for us) but may help you!

    Daira or Dara. I had a cute little girl in my class named Daira Maria.
    Alonso or Lorenzo
    Miriam Sarai
    Sara Naomi or Noemi (accent on the i for noemi) Actually this could be an option for me too!

    Good luck and thanks again for responding!
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    Baby Hernández is due Nov. 22!!

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    what about Elisia? Elisia Ramona Hernandez?
    I just like names and languages.
    :geek:homespun names with a warm sitting-by-the-fire feeling, they're like comfort food but in name form :?:

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