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Thread: New CAF

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    Lochlan Robert Alexander~Henry Peter Drennan (Harry)~Thackeray Noah Benjamin~James David Arthur(Jimmy)

    Samantha Anne Margot~Helena Darcy~Hanna Grace~Rachel Genevieve~Emily Faith~Sydney Marie~Kathleen Alice (Kay)

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    Feb 2012
    Saskatchewan, Canada

    DH: Diana Summer(40)
    DW: Kevin Joseph(42)

    Birth 1:
    1. DS/DS/DD/DD:Colton Ray/Dallas Rhys/Kendall Rachelle/Avery Renee (20)

    Birth 2:
    6. DD/DD: Madeleine Winter/Michaela Willow (14)

    Birth 3:
    5. DS/DS/DS: Arden Miles/Asher Nash /Austin Elton (11)

    Birth 4:
    3. DD/DD: Clara Elizabeth/Laura Evangeline(9)

    Birth 5:
    2. DD/DD: Gabriella Hope/Charlotte Hazel (6)

    Birth 6:
    3. DS/DS/DD/DS: Lucas Parker/Mason Preston/Natalie Paisley/Owen Perry (3)

    Birth 7:
    4. DD/DS/DD/DS: Ainsley Piper/Riley Carter/Zoey Amber/Grady Ryder (6 mos)

    Diana & Kevin with Colton, Dallas, Kendall, Avery, Madeleine, Michaela, Arden, Asher, Austin, Clara, Laura, Gabriella, Charlotte, Lucas, Mason, Natalie, Owen, Ainsley, Riley, Zoey & Grady
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    Auntie to Connor Douglas (2012), Parker Isabella (2013), & Hunter Donald (2016)


    I just started a youtube channel! Please comment on my names video here.
    I believe that maturity has more to do with what types of experiences you've had and what you've learned from them and less to do with how many birthdays you've celebrated.

    (Not currently expecting or TTC)

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    Nov 2010
    British Columbia
    LN: Peterson

    DH: Daniel SolomonDanny
    DW: Katherine JadeKitty

    Birth 1: Zane Baird and Cooper Benjamin

    Birth 2: Matthias SamsonMatt” and Malcolm GideonMack

    Birth 3: Annabel LyreAnnie”, Agatha WrenAggie” and Adelaide LarkAddie

    Birth 4: Robert EzraBobby”, David EdwardDavy”, Abraham EleazarBram” and Violet EvelynVi

    Birth 5: Theodore SufjanTeddy” and Phineas SimonFinn

    Birth 6: Arthur JulianArt”, Beatrix JaneTrixie”, Clementine JuniperClem”, Dexter JethroDex”, Esther JulietEssa”, and Frederick JamesFred

    Birth 7: Rosemary PiperRomy” and Malachy AlexanderMal
    ~Adelaide ~ Octavia~ Eulalie~ Clementine~ Magnolia~ Coralie~ Josephine~
    ~Frederick~ Alistair~ Malachi~ Edward~Julian~ Nathaniel ~ Theodore~

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    Dec 2011
    DH: David Steven(24)
    DH:Kristen Jane(22)
    DD/DD/DS/DS:Kit Amanda, Cheyenne Angel, Cole Adam and Wyatt Alexander
    DS/DS:Miles Forest and Mark Autumn
    DD/DD:Alexis Melody and Ava Grace
    DS/DD/DD:Sean Ethan, Emily Eve and Amanda Eden
    DS/DS:Benjamin Jacob and Aidan Joshua
    DD/DS/DD/DS:Alexis Leona, Brent Liam, Charlotte Leah and David Leo
    DD/DS:Hailey Carter and Joey Parker

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    Jan 2012
    LN: Paxton

    DH: Daniel Seth
    DW: Katja Jade

    Birth 1:
    4. Quads (you pick the genders)

    Names: Roslyn Rain, Adelyn Rose, Weston Ryan and Trenton Rhys

    Birth 2:
    4. B/B

    Names: Mitchell Lark and Mason Wren

    Birth 3:
    6. B/B

    Names: Atticus Reed and Asher Chord

    Birth 4:
    5. Triplets (you pick the genders)

    Names: Greta Elizabeth, Delia Evangeline, and Seena Emmalee

    Birth 5:
    3. B/G

    Names: Ezra Lucas and Spencer Lily

    Birth 6:
    3. Quads (you pick the genders)

    Names: Aria Taylor, Bridget Tyler, Charlotte Tanner and Declan Trevor

    Birth 7:
    5. G/B

    Names: Elody Blair and Bradley Connor
    Favorite Names
    Girls: Adalyn, Aria, Darcy, Hollyn, Isla, Kaylynn, Lyra, Maisie
    Boys: Atticus, Chandler, Declan, Ezra, Holden, Kieran, Parrish, Silas My name list!

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