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    I'm a huge rabbit person and my family's rabbits (3 of them so far, all female) have always been named classy British names: Beatrix Potter, Sophie Rose, Emma Josephine. I already have two more rabbit names picked out:

    Male rabbit: Abbott O'Reilly (not just because it rhymes, but also because I think it's adorable)
    Female rabbit: Gwendolen Cecilia

    And for dogs? My naming style is totally different. I'm a native Texan and I adore the classic names of Texas landmarks and counties. For a while now, I've been turning the idea around in my head of someday using the name Llano Estacado (a geographic formation in Texas, which means "Palisaded Plains." It's kind of absurd for a dog, I know, but I would call the dog Llano most of the time). I'm talking a big, rough-and-tumble kind of dog here (like a Lab or Golden Retriever), because this would definitely not fit a tiny dog.

    That being said, I'll keep looking for other cool Texas-themed names for dogs that I would never be able to use on a kid.

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    Specifically I have named picked out based on breed of dog I guess or looks if its a mix. I'm really not a cat person so I probably wont have one of them in the future and this doesn't mean I am going to have this many dogs its just like my list of things I might choose from.

    Newfoundland - Kraemer, Elvis, Mickey, Nixon, or Roman "Romeo"
    Irish Wolfhound or scruffy mixed dog - Scrooge or Sherlock
    Aussies - Barbie, Cagney, Dixie, Casino, Jazz, Magic, Ripley, Vegas, Viva
    Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd - Leo, Kisor, Audi, Akon, Zelda, Tequila, Ace
    Corgi/Dachshund/Bassett Hound - Bogart "Bogey", Cupid, Kirby, Luella, Lux, Madonna, Milo, Tuesday, Wynnie, Yoshi
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    I really want a male and a female parrot, named Jack and Meg.
    I also want cats named Mia (for Mia Farrow and slight nod to Miniature Tigers with their album, Mia Pharaoh, which I'm assuming is also a nod to Mia Farrow, lol)

    and I'm sure there's more, but that's all I can think of for now. Mainly pop culture names or names that would be hard for a kid to pull off

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    I would love girl dogs named Dani and Sasha - not sure if they're too human, but my style when it comes to pet names is human nicknames. A male dog would definitely be Alfie or Chase.
    Boys: Leo * Edward * Alasdair * Ian * Malcolm

    Girls: Sophie * Alana * Meredith * Fiona * Claire

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    I want turtles named Poppy and Ellis!

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