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    Sibling meeting new baby- plan B

    Because of a recent influenza outbreak where I live, our hospital has placed restrictions on visitors. This means our four-year-old daughter will not be able to visit me or her new baby sister in the hospital when we have our induction next week. DH and I are really disappointed because we had plans about introducing them that now won't be able to happen. (I'm also pretty upset that I won't get to see my oldest for the duration of my stay.) She was really looking forward to going to the hospital and waiting for the baby to get here and being a part of the anticipation. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep her calm for the days we won't see her, as well as giving her some excitement about seeing the new baby for the first time? I would hate for her to feel left out, especially since her grandparents will be able to visit the new baby, but she won't.

    We're already planning on having a small get-together about a week after we bring home the new baby (as long as our pediatrician says it's okay), so extended family can see her because they won't be able to visit the hospital, either. But we want to do something extra special for the new big sister.

    Any ideas?
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    While it's frustrating, perhaps it will help if you remind yourself how very much you would not like her to get the flu!

    I think a nice way is to make her feel like she's in charge of the homecoming. Since everyone but her will possibly be visiting the new baby, you can help her think that her job is to "get the house ready." Not literally of course, but perhaps she could put the sheets on the bassinet/crib, or select and lay out the outfit that the new baby will wear, and make a sign saying "weclome Name!" Little nesting-type tasks. And she can be seated in a big armchair when you come in, throne-like, and she can be first to hold the baby in the home. Like the point of it all was to bring the baby *to her.*
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    I have a friend due next week who told me its the same at her hospital. She is planning on having her husband take their son (almost 6) to build a bear and make one for her so he has something to give the baby when she comes home. They also got him a new skylanders character (its an interactive video game with action figures) "from the baby" and are going to have her change into a custom gown when they come home that says "Carters Little Sister" with a pink darth Vader mask on it (he is star wars obsessed). Thought those were neat ideas. The mama is really nervous about not seeing him for 2-3 days though. Hope everything goes well for you guys!
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    Hey, can you video-chat with her from the hospital? Maybe you wouldn't want to introduce her to her sister that way but at least this way the 2 of you will get to see each other. I'm sure it might help her understand where mommy is and that she is okay and happy and of course you would love to see your daughter as well. I know it would be hard for me if I didn't get to see my son after my second ones birth ( we are TTC ). It is a very special, emotional time. Good luck with everything!
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