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    You, age 23: Tabitha Vivienne Alden
    Your first baby daddy, age 25: Joel Mackinley Patton
    Your firstborn - daughter, age 8: Kaydence Nataly Wolf
    Your second-born - son, age 7: Aayden Mykel Wolf
    Your ex-boyfriend, deceased: Orion Wolf
    Your third-born - child, age 4: Ivy Ariel Wolf
    Your husband, age 28: Rhys Atticus Alden
    Your fourth-born - daughter, age 6 months: Evangeline Cassia Alden

    Your brother, age 31: Conrad Nelson Blake
    His firstborn - son, age 13: Leo Blake
    His second-born - son, age 9: Finn Blake
    His wife, age 30: Phoebe Blake
    His third-born - daughter, age 6: Vivienne Blake
    His fourth-born – child, age 3: River Blake

    Your foster sister, age 24: Ariel Emeline Johnson
    Her husband, age 26: Alaric Johnson
    Her firstborn – son, age 1: Alasdair Alaric Johnson

    Your sister, age 28: Molly Avalon
    Your brother, age 27: Dexter Louis
    Your brother, age 25: Hugo Edison
    Your brother, age 22: Roman Gabriel
    Your brother, age 21: Byron Thomas
    Your brother, age 19: Max Walter

    Your baby girl is now 6 months old. You just found out you’re pregnant again. Your daughter will be very close in age with this baby, just the way Kaydence is to Aayden. At one of your check-ups, the doctor informs you that you’re carrying quadruplets. When you’re 5 months pregnant, you learn that one of the baby’s – a little girl – has died. The doctor instantly orders you on bedrest, and you whole-heartedly comply. 2 months later, you give birth to 1 girl and 2 boys. You name them Flora Juno, Oliver Emerson, & Emmett Theodore. You name the stillborn baby Hope Phoebe.

    By the time your triplets are a year old, you’ve got a handle on your house full of 7 kids. Then, you get a call from Conrad. He tells you that your sister, Molly and your second oldest brother, Dexter were both killed in a car accident last month. Conrad was named as the god-father of the children each of them had. The problem is…between the two of them, they had 9 children. He can’t support that many children in addition to the 4 he already has. So he wants to know if you’d be willing to take Dexter’s 3 kids, and he’ll take Molly’S 6 kids. That would mean you’d each be supporting 10 children. You talk it over with Rhys, and although he looks stressed at the idea, how can he deny caring for the nieces and nephews of his wife and best friend? So within the next 2 weeks, you obtain custody of Dexter’s children, and Conrad obtains custody of Molly’s 6 children.

    What are the names of your sister’s children?
    SD (Sister’s Daughter) 1, age 14: Zelda Avalon Blake
    SD 2, age 8: Aerith Molly Finch
    SD 3, age 7: Selphie Tabitha Finch
    SD 4, age 5: Sora Vivienne Finch
    SD 5, age 2: Kairi Grace Finch
    SS (Sister’s Son) 6, age 2: Raiden Dexter Finch

    What are the names of your brother’s children?
    BS (Brother’s Son) 1, age 9: Felix Amadeus Blake
    BS 2, age 6: Colin Aurelius Blake
    BS 3, age 2: Ezra Tiberius Blake

    You learn that Dexter never held a very steady relationship, and that each boy has a different mother. None of them know their mother and each boy looks quite very different from the other. Your niece, Zelda, tells you that her mother was the only person that knew the family secret about the boys’ mothers. This interests you, and you decide you want to dig up this “family secret”. Your hands are beyond full for now, so you’ll need to wait a while. But you ask Zelda to tell you more. She reveals that her mother was raped by her faster father when she was a young girl, so she ran away, and had Zelda on her own. She recalls moving around all the time as a young child until Molly met her husband. They married and had 5 children. Zelda was raised with him as her father. Sadly, he passed away right before the twins were born from cancer.

    Time goes by, and the boys settle into your family. You decide it’s about time to start digging up this deep, dark past that your family seems to have. That includes locating all your long-lost brothers.


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