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    Unisex name for Link's sister?

    Hey guys, back again! You might have seen my post about my story, it's about a private detective. I've decided that one of my characters, Link North, should have a younger sister.
    Link and his sister grew up in Kansas City with their father and mother (who I also don't have names for...Any ideas?). In the story, Link doesn't talk about his family, and the reason is explained much later on (I haven't even really thought about it yet). If you've seen my other post, then you'll know that Link is very flamboyant, though his sexuality is unknown. He is twenty-four and moved to Manhattan, where the story takes place, when he turned eighteen.
    It is very important that his sister has a unisex name--A text from her about a meeting causes confusion among his friends, who think it is the time and place for a romantic date, and they become unsure whether Link is meeting with a man or a woman (as mentioned above, his friends don't know his sexual orientation). As a filler name I was thinking Sam, but I don't think this sib-set matches. It would also be nice to have a theme with the names--The only connection I have with Link (short for Lincoln) is of course, Abraham Lincoln, and I can't seem to find any U.S. presidents with surnames that could be used as unisex first names. Though I don't mind if a different theme is used, in fact I'd love to get other ideas!
    Thanks for reading, and even more thanks if you leave suggestions!

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