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    I have always had a long and very irregular cycle (30-60 days). Like you, I missed some periods when younger b/c I was underweight. When TTC, it's a little frustrating to have an irregular cycle b/c your fertile days are not predictable, but it can be done! I got pregnant with my first my second try after going off birth control (at age 29) and with my second (due April 1, 2012) on my 5th try after going off birth control (at age 35).

    I got a basal body thermometer at the drugstore and tracked my temps. There are a lot of great resources on line to help you do this. I printed out a chart I found on line and tracked it on there.

    I also ordered ovulation predictor strips from These work just as well as the ClearBlue Easy and other kits you get at the drug store but they cost a fraction of the price. This is important for those of us with irregular cycles because it's hard to guess when ovulation might take place. You might end up using all the ClearBlue Easy tests but not ovulating. With the strips, you can take a test every day and not worry about wasting them. I didn't use these the first time, but I used them the second time. It was helpful to use them in conjunction with the BBT just to confirm that I was accurately tracking my temps. If you look at the website there are great resources about how to read ovulation tests.

    As far as being able to tell when you ovulate by checking your body signs, I was never able to do this. I'm jealous of those who are that in touch with their bodies, but my body just didn't seem to give me that information. Thus, the ovulation strips and temps were key for me.

    Good luck!!

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