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    Your parents and their siblings...

    Topic inspired by this one:

    What are your parents and their siblings named?
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    My mom is Cynthia Louise. Her siblings are:
    Mary (either Kay or Katherine as a middle name, can't remember) - Kids are Tracy and Shawn. Shawn's kids are Lucas Howard and Isaac (Zack) John.
    Keith John (I think)
    Roger (Can't remember some middle names) - Kids are Bradley Matthew (his initials are BMW.. hehe) and Daniel Thomas.

    My dad is David Bruce. His siblings are:
    Robert Ronald - Kids are Lisa, Daniel and Renee Ashley (stupid middle names eluding me..). Renee has a daughter named Violet Esther.
    James - Kids are Amy and Joni. Amy has a son named Zachary James.
    Steve. I don't know him really at all and I know he goes by his middle name (Steven) but I can't remember his first name.

    Obviously I can't remember people's middle names right now.. If I think of them I'll add them!

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    I'm so glad you started this thread! LOL. I almost did after the other one, but anyway...
    Moms family:
    Barbara Ann- Sharon (kids are Leah and Leslie), Mary, Gail (kids are Daniel, Samuel, Matthew, Luke and Adam, and step DD Heidi), Lisa, Rebecca (daughter is Laura) Tommy, Jason, Amanda
    Clyde Patterson II (goes by Pat)- Shana (like Anna, not Shane) (kids are Luke and.....?!) Jared (kids are ?? and bun in oven...) Ryan (daughter Samantha) and Tyler
    Sandra Faye- Richard (Ricky) and Jacob (Kids are Blake and Emma)
    Ina Leigh (my momma)

    Dads family:
    Morgan- no children
    Scott Ray (my dad)
    Annette Marie- Andrea Marie, Matthew, Julie, Stephanie, Stacey Ann, Jennifer Rae, Jeffrey Vaughan
    Maureen Marguerite- Samantha Rae, Christina Marie, Emily
    Wade- Emma June, Cora, Jessica

    I have a huge family. I try to remember everyones names, but some of the middles and cousins kids are escaping my memory right now. Will edit later as I remember.
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    My mother's half sister is Jacqueline nn Jackie, not sure what her middle name is and she has no children. (my mother is Rachel Lynn)

    My father's brother is Todd Paul and has no children (my father is Scott Bryan).
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    Rosemarie, Saba, Sabine, Sky, Thalia

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    Mom's Family
    Virgil Leon (called Leon) - kids are Tonya, Treva, and Terry (male)
    Charles Hall
    Lela Frances - kids are Russell, Darla, and Carl
    Wilma - kids are David, Charles, and Rhea
    Delford Lorne (called Lorne) - kids are Linda, Rodney, and another girl whose name I don't recall
    Dorothy Hattie - kids are Trevor and Jared
    Edna Marie - my mom
    Harold - kids are Inez, Carla, and Harold (called Casey)
    Rella - kids are Everett, John, and Alfie
    Melvin - kids are Melanie, Abby, and Alexis
    Carolyn - daughter is Alicia (pronounced Alyssa)

    Dad's Family
    Wallace (called Wally)
    Harvey Eugene - my dad
    Carol - kids are Matthew, Patricia, and Timothy
    Louise - kids are Eric, Harrison Eugene (called Gene), and Misty
    Kenneth (called Kenny)
    William (called Billy)
    Nancy - son is Jeff
    Lynn Rose - twins Michelle and Michael
    Ronald (called Ron) - son Jonathan
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