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    Grand Rapids, MI
    Ruth .... siblings were Arthur, Robert, Carole, Susan, and Thomas.
    Howard... Siblings were Micheal, Neil, and Keith.

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    My mom's side is:
    Gma: Annalise
    Gpa: Christian Frederik
    Mom: Jane (no middle)
    Uncle: Otto Johannes
    Current faves:

    Elinor Jane, Alma Rose, Lily Margaret, Viola Edith, Esther Paulina

    Conrad James, Walter Edward, Arthur Frederick, Hugo William, Sylvester Henry

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    My mom: Cornelia "Conny"
    Her brother: Armin Hans Franz (at least I think these are his MNs, I only found out about them a few years ago when I found a family tree my cousin once created)
    His wife: Claudia
    My (only) cousin: Katharina; husband Malte, kids Lara Marie and Nils (don't know his MN)
    Maternal grandparents: Veronika "Vroni" and Johann "Hans"
    My step-dad: Dieter

    My dad: Georg Jr. (mn Simon; I don't think middle names are taken into consideration when doing the Jr./Sr. thing because they're not as common here as they are in the USA or elsewhere)
    His SO: Sieglinde "Siggi"
    His sister: Heidemarie "Heidi" (no husband or kids)
    Paternal grandparents: Mathilde "Thilde" and Georg Sr. (actually, there were about 5 Georgs in a row, but the III, IV et al. thing is not practiced in Germany. If I had been a boy, I would have been yet another Georg).

    Me: Christine
    My sister: Stephanie

    Most of my family doesn't have a middle name ... in fact, the concept of "middle names" doesn't exist here, if one has any, they are referred to as "second, third ... first name".
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    My mom is Alyson Jane and she has a brother called Philip, who has Rebecca Emily (Becca, Bex or Becky) and Taylor.

    My dad is Richard David and he has two sisters and two brothers: Clare, Sarah, Andrew (goes by Kenny to his mates) and Jonathan (Jonny). Jonny is the only one with kids (other than my dad) even though he is the youngest, a stepson called Joshua (Josh) and Ella May.
    - LittleMissGeek

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    Flyover Territory
    Bonnie: Joann, Mary, Wayne, Noel, & Sharon
    Richard: Dorothy & Carlin (half brother)
    Tara, proud mama to a Honey Badger
    ... and a Badger in Training

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