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    Oct 2010
    Mom: Ilene Linda; brothers: Jeffrey Ronald (has son Alexander Isaac, nn Alex), Paul Craig, and Steven Mark; parents: Harold and June
    Dad: Edwin Robert; brother: Matthew (has son Avery Brandt); parents: Theodore and Marilyn

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    Pullman, WA
    Mom's side: My mom is Elissa Anne. Her parents are Arnold and Rosalind, and she has one younger sister, Michele Lori. Michele's husband is Craig and their kids are Evan Jacob and Rachel Mikayla.

    Dad's side: My dad is Daniel Alan. His parents were Charles Edgar and Estelle Esther. My dad is the youngest and his siblings are Inez (married to Vito and mother of Vito Jr., Tony, and Cheryl), Stuart (father of Brent, Brian, and Destiny) and Joyce (mother of Martha).
    Name-obsessed future veterinarian who currently only has babies of the feline variety (Sedona, Loki, Oliver, and Penelope). Enjoys doting upon her much younger cousins: Alexandra Michal, Jordan Liam, Evan Jacob, Rachel Mikayla, Aurora Estelle, and the newest addition Charlotte Ann (4/8/13).

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    My mom is Katina Michelle Lee (only child is me, Kylee Michelle) and her siblings are Debbie Mary Lee (no kids) and Christopher Shawn (daughter, Ashley Louise and grandson, Gavin Nicholas).

    My dad is Bradley Curtis (daughters, me and my half-sis, Kimberly Eileen) and his multiple siblings are Tony Lynn (son, Anthony Tyler), Dana Leeann (no kids), Ashley Brit (son, Donovan Myler), Joyce (can't remember her kids names), Gene (passed away young), Jeremy (daughter, Haley and son, Brayden), and Shawn (don't know). I don't know his half sibling's middle names.

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    My mom: Roberta (nn Bobbie) Lynn
    Her siblings:
    Christopher and Samuel

    My dad: James (nn Jimmy) David
    His siblings:
    Michael, Scott, David, Robert, and Thomas.

    So generic!!
    but I love them all dearly

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    Cynthia, Kathleen, and Debra (Cindy, Kathy, Debbie): all born between 1953 and 1957. My aunts, Cynthia and Debra, both have the middle name Ann, but my mom got the unfortunate middle name of Wanda. She was named after her paternal grandmother. I am not a fan of siblings all having the same middle name, but I think it's worse for two out of three to share a middle name, and one to have a random, ugly one.

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