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    Wollongong, Australia
    My father's side:

    Father: Kevin Ernest; Mother: Beryl Caroline

    Siblings: Wayne Leonard (1950?); Christopher Carl (my Dad♥1953); Trevor (mn unknown; 1955?); Carol Lea (supposed to be one name 'Carolea', but I think my grandfather wrote the Birth Cert. out wrong, lol; 1956?)

    Waynes kids:
    Trudy (1978?); Brett (1980?); Justin & Joshua (twins; 1983)

    Trevor's kids:
    Amy (1982? Died at 6 weeks); Jemma (1984); Nikki Lee (1986)

    Carol's kid:
    Nathan John (1985; best cousin ever, lol...we;re close friends)

    My Mother's Side:

    Father: Barry David (1938); Mother: Joan Maureen (1938)

    Siblings: Kim Suzanne (1961; My Mum); Craig John (1964); Christopher David (1972)

    Craig's kids:
    Jazmin Leigh (1993); Cooper Sean (shortens to Cooper Uncle is cheeky; 1995)

    Christpoher David's kids:
    Courtnie Lee (1998); Kaitlyn Elizabeth (2003); Connor David (2005)

    Timothy Craig (1983); Samantha Erin (1985; ME!); Stephanie Isabelle (1993).

    My daughter:
    Bianca Elizabeth (2004)

    I could go on Aunty Carol does the family tree fascinating!
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    Ooh, and some new generation cousins on my father's side, to my cousins:
    Alana (2004);Jack (2003); Matthew (2004); Maddock (2005); Makayla (2006?); Ryley(sp? 2007); Layla (2007)...there's another boy and I cannot for the life of me remember his name.

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    My mom, the youngest: Anne Marie

    Her parents: Janet Marie and William Adolf

    Eldest sister: Gretchen Sue and her husband Elmer Frederick

    Their kids: Zachary Elmer and Rhiannon Marie

    Second sister: Laurie Jane and her husband Gary Emerson

    Their kids: Conor Emerson and Emily Marie

    Brother: William Manning and Catherine Ann

    Their kids: William Alexander and Ashlynn Ann

    Father: Carl Patrick

    His parents: James Thomas and Gloria Ann

    Younger sister: Jennifer Grace

    Her kids: Kaytlin Leanne, Melissa Maureen, Nicholas Xavier

    Older brother: Christopher Paul and wife Terrie

    Their kids: Danielle Joyce and Andy (nn for Andrew I think and I don't remember his middle name) (Also, these are not Chris's biological kids, but they're Terrie's. He has legally adopted them as his children, though.)

    My parents' kids: (Me) Danielle Nicole, Matthew James, Morgan Elizabeth
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    My parents were born in the 1930's and both were from large families. I don't know all their middle names or even all my cousin's names, so mine is a simple list:

    My dad: Marvin Ray (Poor Daddy hated his name)
    His siblings:

    My mom: Mary Lou (goes by Lucy)
    Her siblings:
    Billie Dale (a girl)
    Maeola (not positive of spelling. prn May-Ola)
    Edith Ann (nn Pete)
    Carrie Faye

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    Cair Paravel :)
    Mom's family:

    Christopher Earl "Chris", Karen Arlene (my mom), and Debra Lynn "Debbie."

    Dad's family:

    John Robert, II (my dad) and Jacquelyn Ruth "Jackie." They had a stepbrother, Randy, but I don't know his mn.
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