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    Sep 2013
    My Dad has no siblings..My Mom's name is Therese, 2 brothers, Joseph and Mark. My name is Janeane, one brother Joseph, sister Terese and danielle

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    North Carolina
    My Mother's family:

    Tammie (my mom)--kids: Rochelle, Roxanne, Raquel, Candice (nn Candi) and Cassidy (nn Cassie)
    Richard--kids: Elliot, Raymond (nn Ray), Samantha (nn Sam), Tabitha (nn Tabby)
    Ronald--kids: Sarah
    Randy--kids: Heather and Dominic
    Terry--kids: Tiffany, Scott (nn Scotty), Layla, and John Jr.
    Tina--kids: Joshua (nn Josh), Ashley, Miranda

    My Father's family:

    Steven (nn. Steve-my dad)--kids: Rochelle, Roxanne, Raquel, Candice (nn Candi), Stevie Ann, Alec, and Gustav (nn Gus)
    Arthur Hans (goes by Hans)--kids: Meghan, Kaylyn, Amanda, Leah, Arthur Kenneth (nn Kenny), and Sally Jolene (goes by Jolene)
    John--kids: Samantha (nn Sam or Sammy)
    Wendy--no kids
    Homeschooling Mama to Kenten Ryan, Julia Rose, and Jack Liam

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    Mom's Side

    Lola Arlene - twin to Lora
    Lora Ann (mom) - twin to Lola
    Richard Henry
    James (not sure of middle)
    Robert Ervin
    Marjorie (not sure of middle)

    Dad's side
    Michael James (dad)
    Edward George
    Mary Ann
    Alice (not sure of middle)
    Burton Robert
    Susan (not sure of middle)
    SMBC Expecting my little sprout August 14, 2015

    My little boy: Grayson James (Gray) or Emmett James
    (I'll decide when I see him ;-))

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    Syracuse, NY
    Dad (only child): Joseph Edward - 4 daughters (including me) Alexandra J., Nicole Worthing, Cassandra Leigh, Samantha Susan

    Rebecca Susan - 4 daughters (including me) Alexandra J., Nicole Worthing, Cassandra Leigh, Samantha Susan
    Mark - son Kinyon
    Cara - son Ben, daughter Anna
    Ruth - son Aaron, daughters Sarah and Rachel
    Stephen - son Alexander

    Michelle Anne - son Michael, daughters Nicole Theresa(2 kids Edward Benjamin and Alicia Lynn pronounced A-lee-see-ah) and Stephanie Lynn
    Kathy - son Jj, daughter Carly
    (not familiar with the rest of her siblings)

    moms boyfriend:
    Robert - daughter Morgan
    (not familiar with his siblings, we only met once)
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