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    My mom is Beverly and my father was Tom.

    Siblings: Donald, Dennis, Jerry.

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    My parents are each from families with 5 kids, so lots of names All were born in the 50s/60s, with the exception of Julia/e, who was a surprise baby born in 1980. Middles listed when known.

    David James (my dad, kids Laura, Hannah, Mattie)
    Carol (kids Paul and Grace)
    Janet (kids Kendall and Connor, both boys)
    Linda (kids Kyle and Tyler, both boys)
    Susan (kids Jordan and Matthew, both boys)

    Melynda Joy (my mom)
    Anna Renea (kids Evan, Ethan and Emma (twins))
    Rebecca (Becky) Sue (kids Justin, Jordan, Jacob, and Jennifer (Jenny))
    Joel David (went by Davey as a kid) (kids Jacy (step-daughter), Reagan, and Camden)
    Julia (Julie) (daughter Anne Marie)
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    Laura & Derek
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    My father's name is Blair Edward. His sister is Lynn Janet and his brothers are Glenn Timothy and Mark Peter.
    My mother's name is Nancy Ann. Her sisters are Laurie and Patricia and her brother is Michael.
    A writer and name lover~

    Rosemary Grace, Aurora Beatrice, Magnolia Eloise, Daphne Guinevere, Lillian Valentina

    Christian Zachary, Theodore Kenneth, Dexter Malachi, Simon Gabriel, Gideon Oliver

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    Fave girl combos: Anneliese Margueritte
    Fave boy combos: Benjamin Douglas nn Benji/Ben, Jackson Alexander, Josiah Joseph nn JoJo, Malachi Ry-something

    Girls: Beza, Thea, Ada, Jovie, Asha, Lucy, Zia, Elise, Gianna nn Gigi, Camille, Quinn,
    Boys: Tobin nn Toby, Soren, William nn Will, Nicholas, Camden, Jameson, Elijah nn Eli, Caleb, Jacob, Thomas nn Tommy, Samuel nn Sam/Sammy, Brady, Jeremiah, Andrew, August, Jonas, Mojave

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    My mom has a very small family:
    Her Parents:
    John Dean and Marion Jean (Jean)

    Their kids:
    Deborah Jean -- my mom
    Karen Lynn

    My cousins:
    Zachary Francis
    Matthew John

    My dads family is huuuuuuge with a lot of generational gaps. 25 years between the oldest and youngest kids and I'm 30 but the age range of the grand kids (my first cousins) is between 15 (youngest) and 49 (oldest)
    Most of my cousins have kids and a couple have grand kids.
    I'm gonna give you the names by generation because there are a lot of them and a lot of unusual ones :-)

    My grandparents:
    Martinus Arie and Eleanore Pauline

    My Dad and Aunts and Uncles:
    Barbara Ellen
    Gerald Arthur (Gerry)
    Judith Ann (Judy)
    Kenneth Martin (Kenny) -- my dad
    Leroy Dale (Lee)
    Cinda Renee

    My cousins (and me):
    Lisa Robin
    Trena Louise
    Leonard John (Lenny)
    Gerald Arthur
    Joseph Todd
    Theresa Louise?
    Eric ?
    Martin (Marty)
    Timothy (Timmy)
    James (Jimmy)
    Kate Ashley -- me
    Christine Ardath
    Aubrey Zanelle
    Samantha Leigh (Sam)
    Gabriel Lee (Gabe)
    Kimberly Michelle (Kim)
    Alexander John (Alex)

    My cousins kids:
    Kara Koryn
    Olivia Maree
    Rebekah Evelyn
    Rachel Elizabeth
    Leonard John (LJ)
    Czeslaw Alexander
    Jillian Annaline
    Jacob Harris Tyler
    Ashleyrose Louise
    Winston ?
    Christopher Robyn
    Zipporah Nightingale
    Ireland Skylark
    Jeddaya Grace Rail
    Poseidon Terra Phoenix
    Sarah Joy
    David Jonathan
    Rhianna Louise
    Tabitha Louise
    Rosaleigh Eleanore
    Tessa Mary Joyce
    Reign Dorothea
    Nicholas Lyle
    Hannah Louise
    Sara Elizabeth
    Abigail Lynn
    Christopher Martin
    Kimberly Lynn (Kimmy)
    Jason Albert
    Cameron ?
    Blaine Timothy
    Nicholas James (Nick)
    Destinie Lynn
    Matthew ? (Matt)
    Hayden Gray
    Jayden ? (boy)
    Payton ? (boy) twin
    Chandler ? Twin
    Savannah Leigh (Vanna)
    Keegan Thomas
    Camryn ? (Boy)
    Makayla ?
    Gabriella Zanelle (Gabby)
    Ava Leigh
    Leigha Olivia
    Ethan Michael

    And my cousins grand kids:
    Kiya Brooke
    Elizabeth Leigh
    Josiah Roy

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