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    My mother - Rikke
    Uncle - Ronni married to Mie
    Child - Noah

    Aunt - Kamilla girlfriend to Kristian
    Child (only Kamilla's) - Elias

    Aunt - Sara Maria
    Children - Sophia & Victoria

    Aunt - Mara Jeanet girlfriend to Anders
    Child - Silke

    My Father - Rico
    Uncle - Mark fiance of Janni
    Children - Nicklas and Maiken

    Uncle - Taus
    Stepmother to
    Proud Auntie/cousin to;
    Smilla (6-5-09), Noah (29-5-10), Silke (23-8-11), Sophia (18-11-11), Victoria (13-8-13) & Alex (18-12-14)

    Loved names
    Henry Oliver | Laurel Maria | Ianto Lior | Bobbie Frances | Cecil Oswald |

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    Red face

    I have a very large extended family, as my Dad is one of 11 and my maternal grandmother is one of 13! Mum is only one of two though, luckily, otherwise I'd never be able to keep up!

    Mum's Family
    Mum - Lorraine Ann
    Sister - Pamela Margaret - her kids are Hannah Elizabeth and Rachel (don't know middle)

    Dad's Family
    Dad - Brian (no middle name)
    Brothers - Robert Henry, Allen Ernest, Frederick Arthur, Dennis William, Kenneth Edward, Norman (no middle)
    Sisters - Margaret Elaine, Winifred (don't know middle), Elisabeth (don't know middle) and Jean (no middle).

    I'm not sure why Jean, Norman and Dad do not have middle names, maybe they ran out of names! I won't list all my cousins on my Dad's side because I will be here all day, plus I don't know most of them! All the names in my signature are linked in some way to family, so a lot of these names may look familiar!

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    Well, I'm Brazilian, so you'll see a lot of latin names and portuguese variations here (that I'll try to translate them).

    Mom: Marcia (neither she and her sister have middle names)
    Her sister: Luciana - her son: João (portuguese version of John, pronounced "jo-UN") Gabriel

    Dad: Fernando Cesar
    His brother: Luiz Eduardo (Louis Edward) - 3 girls: Ana Carolina (she goes by Lola, and she has a son named João Pedro - John Peter), Ana Paula and another Ana Carolina (adopted at the age of 8, goes by Carol)
    His 5 sisters:
    1 - Maria Cristina - 3 boys: Daniel (father of 3 half japanese kids: Victor Akio, Enzo Seiji and Laura Miyuki), Tiago (James) and Lucas
    2 - Denise Maria (has no kids, but considers a girl named Camilla as her daughter)
    3 - Vania - 2 boys: João Felipe (John Philip) and Henrique (Henry)
    4 - Valéria - 3 girls: Bruna, Paola and Sofia
    5 - Ana Lucia (goes by Nica) - 3 kids: Julia, Victor and Antonio (Anthony)

    I have 3 siblings: Fernanda, Luisa and Mateus (Matthew)

    And I know this does not count, but my grandparents names are:
    Mom's side: Anna Alice (yes, she goes by "Nana") and José Augusto (Joseph August)
    Dad's side: Maria Lucia and Ruy Messias (Messiah - no, there is no problem calling your child Messiah in Brazil. But nowadays, it is seen as a very old name.)

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    Mum's family:
    Elizabeth - kids are William, Samuel, Laura & Megan (twins)
    Pamina Jane (mum) - kids are Hannah Margaret, Kimberleigh Jane, & Samantha Katherine
    Catherine Cecilia - kids are Imogen Daniel & Lewis Daniel
    James - no kids

    Dad's family
    Mark - kids are Christopher, Thomas, Toby, & Gemma Mary Margaret
    Steven - kids are Chelsea & William
    Robert Leonard (dad) - kids are Hannah Margaret, Kimberleigh Jane, & Oliver John O'Neil

    Step-mum's family
    Audrey - kids are Claire, and two others I can't remember
    Susan - daughter is Katherine Mae
    Linda - son is Shaun
    John - no kids
    Jane - son is Oliver John O'Neil

    Step-dad's family
    David - kids are Thomas and Sarah; Sarah has a daughter, Evie
    Andrew Keith - daughter is Samantha Katherine
    Wendy - no kids

    I don't know all the middle names, but I do have a lot of family members lol.
    Name loving BritBerry

    Little ladies
    .: Keren Theodosia ♥ Clara Tempest ♥ Eloise Clarity :.
    .: Polly Jamesina ♥ Yvaine Celia ♥ Freya Guinevere :.

    Little gents
    .: Asher Bellamy ♥ Vander Ignatius ♥ Lennon Samuel :.
    .: Finley Balthasar ♥ Jago Fletcher ♥ Isaac Bravery :.

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    My mum: Nicola
    Her brother and sister: Sam (no kids) and Alice (no kids)
    None of them have middle names, and each of them chose the others name. My mum chose Sam and Sam chose Alice.
    Their parents: Susan, Peter and David. David is my mum's father, Peter is Sam and Alice's.

    My dad: Julius Jeffery
    His brother: Jonathan and I don't know his middle name. No kids.
    His parents: Judy and Julius
    (She swears that she didn't mean for there to be a J theme haha)
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    10th grader

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