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    Apr 2012
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    Mom's family:
    *Bernace Ruth - children are Ruth Elizabeth (kids are Rachel Elizabeth & Andrew ?), Cameron John (kids are Christina Suzanne (Tina), Robson ?), Margaret Rosemary (Meg), Sarah Bernace
    *Elizabeth Hannah (Betty)- children are Cynthia Lynn (kids are Luke Michael), Sheri Elizabeth (kids are Amanda Joy, Mark Solomon)
    *Margaret Bertha (Peggy) - children are Nancy Elizabeth (kids are Matthew ?), Lori Michelle (kids are Saige Eleanor, Liam ?, Nicola ?)
    *Eleanor Margorie (Ellie) - children are Susanne Carole (Kids are John Alexander), Jonathan Paul.

    Dad was an only child, his name is Paul Ernest

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    New Jersey
    Mom's Side
    Gma: Edna
    Gpa: James
    Barbara (Sons: Richard Joseph & Jordan Robert - called Bobby)
    Kathleen Mary (Daughters: Dena Joan {me!} & Kara Lynn)
    James (called Jim)

    Dad's Side
    Gpa: Edward Patrick
    Gma: Joan
    Patrick (Son: Scott, Daughter: Kimberly)
    Mary Joan (Son: Jason)
    Gerard (Daughters: Dena Joan {me!} & Kara Lynn)
    Edward (called Eddie) (Son: Alexander - called Alex, Twins: Rachel & Patrick)
    Susann (Daughter: Nicole)
    Alfred (called Skip or Skippy) (Daughter: Ashley, Son: David)

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    The ones I don't list middle names for I either don't know or can't remember.

    Mom's Side:
    Grandma: Mary Lou
    Grandpa: Leonard Emil
    Jeanne Rae (my mom, my sister and I are Mariah Cherish and Stephanie Brooke)
    Sherry Kay (sons: Jesse Thomas [wife: Jalena, sons Drake Kenneth, Ronin James and Lejin Michael] and Jeromy James [wife: Janil], step-children: Stephen Erich [wife Barbara, children Natalie, Tatiana and Tyler Erich] Amanda "Mandy" [husband Jason, daughters Savanna Marie and Dakota Lynn] and Johnna Dalynn "Dalynn" [children Spencer Erich and Devanee Michelle]
    Kenneth "Kenny"

    Dad's Side:
    Grandma: Gwenyth Jane "Gwen"
    Grandpa: Owen
    Children: Brian Dudley (my dad)
    Terry (wife Jodi, children Cody and Amber Brooke)
    Cynthia "Cindy" (husband Roger, daughters Stephanie, Jennifer "Jennie" [Cole and Makayla Joan], and Melody Rose)
    James "Jim" (Noah James)
    Jesse (wife Rene, sons Johnathan [wife Melissa, son Ethan] Joshua Steven, Jacob Shane)

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    Feb 2012
    Dad's Side:

    Wayne (dad)

    Mom's Side:

    Jan (male, died in infancy)
    James (Jim)
    Diane (Mom)
    Mom to Luke Edwin and Virginia Noemi

    Current Favourites:
    Adam, Eli, Henry, Levi, Leo, Miles, Milo, Nigel, Owen, Quincy, Sidney, Tristan, Stellan, Wyatt
    Estella, Magnolia, Sadie, Evangeline, Annabel, Josephine

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    My parents grew up in huge families. My dad is one of 10, and my mother is one of 8.

    Dennis & Lilly:
    Matthew Orson & wife, Corinne:Nathaniel James & wife, Chelsea:
    Thomas Gail & wife, Katherine:
    Abigale Katherine & husband, Alex:
    Robert Beecroft & wife, Lisa:
    Susanna Lillian & husband, Scott:
    Allison Christine & husband, Steve:
    Amanda Mary & husband, Mike:
    Sara Evelyn & husband, Dan:
    Mitchell Dane & wife, Nicole:
    Elizabeth Jane & husband, Chris:
    My mother's side is much less creative, but still large:

    Jerry & Marilyn:
    Kristen Eleanor & husband, Rob:
    Melody Lenore & husband, Kyle:
    John Martin & wife, Carrie:
    Michael Kenneth (unmarried)
    Brenton Alexander & wife, Natalie:
    Steven Joseph & wife, Jaime:
    Jeffery Evan & wife, Josephine:
    Lisa Christine & husband, Rob:
    (listed previously)
    Matthew Henry & wife, Stefanie:

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