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    classic first name to pair with middle name Laura

    My name is Laura and I'm named after my maternal great-grandmother and my dad Lawrence. (Lawrence also happens to be a family name on dh's side) So I'd love to use Laura as a middle name for a future girl. However, Laura always sounds a little off in the middle spot perhaps b/c I'm use to hearing it first =) Our last name is two-syllable starts with T and ends with -son. To give you an idea of our style my other daughters names are Clare and Katharine (nn Kate/Katie/Kat). I'd love some suggestions. On my own I came up with Elizabeth Laura. I'm not very excited by Elizabeth though. My favorite girls name is Theresa nn Tess but I think the repeating -a ending of Theresa Laura sounds a little off and I'm uncertain about the alliteration of Theresa with my last name.
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    Hi! Love the name Laura!

    Would you consider Lauren and Laurel since the family tradition includes both Lauras and Lawrences? Or even consider Lawrence in the middle (looks a little more fem spelled Laurence)?

    I love Laura, but agree with you that the matching -a endings with Theresa might be too much. But Theresa Lauren or or Theresa Laurel or Theresa Lawrence could solve that.

    I think Theresa T-son is fine, same with Tess T-son. It's alliteration that works. There are different numbers of syllables, and the endings and other sounds are different.

    I think Elizabeth is very nice! But I can also understand if it feels a little too staid. Eliza Laura might have the -a problem, but Eliza Lauren, Eliza Laurel, Eliza Laurence might be options.

    Eleanor Laura might capture some of that feel of Elizabeth but be a little bit more off beat?

    Margaret is another classic, and I like Margaret Laura. Lots of great nn's with Margaret, like for Katharine.

    I'd also love:
    Beatrice Laura (although initials BLT might or might not be OK)
    Caroline Laura (very close to sisters' names, for better or worse)
    Charlotte Laura (Charlotte Lorelei would break up the rhythm, although Lorelei's a very different name)
    Eve Laura
    Helen Laura / Helena Lauren / Helena Laurel
    Jane Laura
    Louisa Laurel / Louisa Lauren (to me, alliteration that works)
    Mary Laura (Mary Lauretta might break up the rhythm more?)
    Rosemary Laura
    Violet Laura

    Sure there are more. Good luck!

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    I've given some thought to using Laurence as a girls name - I know they do in France - I'll have to see what dh thinks. I haven't given Lauren much thought b/c I have a natural bias against it b/c of being mistaken for a Lauren on some occasions but maybe it deserves a shot.

    My favorite of your combos is Margaret Laura. I know dh will have a hard time with Margaret but he never uses Katharine's full name either so as long as I can sell him on the nickname...I'm sure dh would love Maggie though I'm partial to Mae or Meg.

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    Hmm, I like Theresa as well (can have Tess, Tess, or Reese!), and I think that alliterative names can be charming! But I see the Theresa Laura dilemma... Have you thought of using another variant of Laura? Maybe Theresa Laure, Theresa Laurel, Theresa Lauren, Theresa Laurence (a French girls' name), or even Theresa Lorelai would still honor your family and you, but allow for a name with an -a ending?

    Elizabeth Laura is lovely, but I can see how it might feel a tad unexciting. Perhaps you could use a great nickname; Bess and Beth are very similar to Tess! Or with Clare and Katharine, what about...

    Molly Laura
    Alice Laura
    Charlotte Laura
    Anne Laura
    Caroline Laura
    Ellen Laura
    Eloise Laura
    Evelyn Laura
    Margaret Laura (Mae, Margot, Maggie, Greta...)
    Violet Laura
    Vivian Laura
    Marian Laura
    Felicity Laura
    Anneliese Laura
    Bridget Laura
    Juliet Laura
    Adeline Laura
    Briony Laura
    Emmeline Laura
    Rosalind Laura

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    Didn't mean to repeat--jesba and I must be on the same page!

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