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    middle names for Rachel?

    I like the name Rachel, but I'm worried it sounds too grown up. I want something classic but not overused. Any suggestions for middle names that go well with Rachel?

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    I used to be a full-time nanny to a baby named Rachael and I honestly did think it seemed quite grown-up on her when I first started that job.
    However, my opinion changed rather quickly. As she and I became closer, I naturally began racking up nicknames for her--Rachie, Rae-Rae, Rae-Rae Bebe (prn. 'Beh-bay''), Rach, even 'Rae of Sunshine' and for some reason, 'Geegers'! Her middle name = Samantha.
    I adore the name Rachel, but have always preferred it spelled Rachael. The name in general is so beautifully classic to me, as well as Biblical. I think it's a wonderful choice for a baby girl.

    As far as middle names go, here are some suggestions:

    -Rachel Olivia
    -Rachel Emilie
    -Rachel Emeline
    -Rachel Naomi
    -Rachel Eleanor
    -Rachel Amelia
    -Rachel Audrey
    -Rachel Nadine
    -Rachel Celeste
    -Rachel Danae
    -Rachel Louise
    -Rachel Nora/Norah
    -Rachel Marian/Maren
    -Rachel Maeve
    -Rachel Brinley
    -Rachel Claire
    -Rachel Dahlia

    I hope some of these help; you didn't specify any personal preference with regard to the style/first initial/sound/length, etc. etc. of the middle name, so I just came up with some middles I think would potentially go nicely with Rachel.


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    I love Rachel! It's on my short list. It's never seemed too grown-up for me, but I don't really know any grown Rachels. The Rachels I know/knew are either in high school now or just starting college. I know of a few people who have chosen Rachel for their daughters, too, so I can imagine it on a little baby! My combo is Rachel Clara Evangeline. I think Rachel Evangeline/Rachel Clara Evangeline is utterly perfect, haha, but I had also tossed around Rachel Giovanna, Rachel Jocelyn, Rachel Aurora, Rachel Lisette, Rachel Anais, etc.

    I also love the suggestions of Rachel Olivia and Rachel Audrey!

    What about:
    Rachel Gwendolyn
    Rachel Sophie/Rachel Sophia (one of the people I know who have chosen Rachel for their daughters actually used Rachel Sophia! I think it's lovely)
    Rachel Tabitha
    Rachel Ivy
    Rachel Cora
    Rachel Tess
    Rachel Daphne
    Rachel Delaney
    Rachel Quinn
    Rachel Anneliese
    Rachel Annika
    Rachel Annabel

    Good luck!
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    My daughter was Rachel Helen. I love the name Rachel.

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