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    Aveline and Allegra are my favorites.

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    I read a book recently that changed my whole idea of Allegra, and it's been a growing crush for me--so I would say pick this! lol I've heard loads of people use Imogen/Imogene but I don't recall seeing anything about Allegra recently. I also adore the flow in combo with your last name!

    I love the PP's list of one syllable MNs. I agree, this would sound lovely ^^

    Some of my favorites are...
    Allegra Snow Barrett
    Allegra Bay Barrett
    Allegra Claire Barrett
    Allegra Jane Barrett
    Allegra June Barrett
    Allegra Quinn Barrett
    Allegra Lark Barrett
    Allegra Pearl Barrett (though APB initials might be something to avoid)
    Allegra Reine Barrett (with French pronounciation, sounds just like Wren, but means queen)
    Avia ● Blair ● Caroline ● Catalina ● Catharina ● Elara ● Evangeline ● Freya ● Ingrid ● Isla ● Louisa ● Quinn ● Rosalind ● Rosamund ● Violet

    Alexander ● Arthur ● Caleb ● Chase ● Cole ● Edward ● George ● Gideon ● Isaac ● Jasper ● Rhett ● Rordan ● Thomas ● Tristan ● Wyatt

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    i definatly think imogen is a great first name!!! and cate is a good middle name!! imogen cate barrett...great name

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    I prefer Imogen. Middle name suggestions (sorry for any repeats!):

    Imogen Claire
    Imogen Grace
    Imogen Faith
    Imogen Kate
    Imogen June
    Imogen Jane
    Imogen Hope
    Imogen Rose

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    i like imogen best but allegra is also nice. imogen is a bit classic, elegant, lovely and chic. allegra is soft, very elegant(like ballerina) and fresh.
    what about...
    Imogen Grace
    Imogen Rose
    Imogen Clare
    Imogen Skye
    Imogen Mauve

    Allegra Bleu
    Allegra Rosalia
    Allegra Mariana

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