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    Imogen for sure! TBH I really don't like any of the other names. They're either too masculine or just really NMS.

    These have probably been mentioned but I like:
    Imogen Claire
    Imogen Kay
    Imogen Paige
    Imogen Renee
    Imogen Grace
    Imogen Brianne
    Imogen Marie
    Imogen Kate
    Imogen Blaire

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    Imogen Clara is top of our list but others we've considered that might work with Barrett are below. By the way I think a 2-syllable mn would work with your last name much better so it's 3+2+2, to me 3+1+2 means you stop short in the middle.

    Imogen Zara Barrett
    Imogen Eula Barrett
    Imogen Caelie Barrett
    Imogen Neva Barrett
    Imogen Olive Barrett
    Imogen Ada Barrett
    Imogen Frances Barrett
    Imogen Liesl Barrett
    Imogen Celeste Barrett
    Imogen Georgia Barrett
    Imogen Margot Barrett

    Do you like any of these? We had a big mixture to whittle down and may still go for something edgier than Clara...
    - Ginny

    PS - I don't have the allergy med connection with Allegra but I just don't like it nearly as much as Imogen. Plus it could be shorted to the very boring Ally.
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    I vote for Imogen Imogen Pearl, Imogen Rose or Imogen Fern perhaps? Love Imogen with a word name in the middle! Good luck

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    Don't worry we will do our best to help you reach a decision.

    My choice for you is Imogen, It is a great name, very spunky and feminine. It has personality and is definitely a fabulous choice.

    Middle names

    Imogen Bluebell
    Imogen Kate
    Imogen Lou
    Imogen Juliet
    Imogen Daisy
    Imogen Louisa
    Imogen Caroline
    Imogen Alexandra
    Imogen Piper
    Imogen Paige

    and Allegra is lovely, very lovely


    Allegra Giselle
    Allegra Genevieve
    Allegra Penelope
    Allegra Lucy
    Allegra Frances
    Allegra Mary
    Allegra Bellamy

    Psalm 23

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    From your latest list I like these the most

    Imogen Margot
    Imogen Zara


    Imogen Clarice
    Imogen Orla
    Imogen Wendy
    Imogen Lilith
    Imogen Poppy

    Good luck
    Psalm 23

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