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    No Allegra! LOL Sorry, just completely reminds me of the allergy medicine 100%. I'm not a huge fan of Imogen either, but definitely 100000000 times better than Allegra, but I do really like Savannah from your alternate list. Best of luck with your decision!

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    Imogen all the way! My first thought was Imogen Pearl. Imogen Blythe could be nice too.

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    Imogen has been growing on me since I watch a lot of MSNBC, and there's a recurring commentator on the Dylan Ratigan show who is named Imogen. She's young, beautiful, blonde, and british, and totally changed the stodgy image I used to have of the name. I think it's quite lovely now. I think it would be better paired with a less clunky name for balance though. I like Imogen Zoe, and Imogen Rose.

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    Instead of Savannah, how about Susannah? Susannah Barrett sounds beautiful together. If you have a 3-1-2 name for your daughter, it will flow well, for example: Susannah Pearl Barrett, Susannah Mae Barrett.

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    I adore Allegra and Imogen. Both fit the "unique, strong but elegant" criteria perfectly in my opinion, assuming you don't live in the UK where Imogen is uber popular! I could care less about the allergy medicine thing. For one, I've never heard of it, and two, people name their daughters Clio even though its a car name. Any name you choose could end up being used for a famous product in future if it hasn't already so it wouldn't stop me. It's not like it's a hemorrhoid cream or something! Lol.

    Of the other names on your list, I really don't think Dylan, Fallon or Jamieson fit your criteria at all sorry. Dylan is still very much a boys name to me (but then I am a Brit and unisex names aren't as big a thing here, Ashley is still all boy here for example). I can understand how Dylan could work on a girl, although to me it wouldn't sound "elegant", but Fallon, I don't understand that on a girl at all sorry. It's so butch and tough sounding, and again not elegant. And Jamieson looks creative, trendy, and reminds me of whiskey, again not at all elegant and very masculine especially with the "son" ending - not a fan at all sorry.

    Savannah is nice, but way more popular than Imogen or Allegra so I wouldn't call it unique. If you want to avoid popular names, I say avoid this. Savannah is number 46 in the US top 1000 names, but neither Imogen or Allegra rank. That's a huge difference in popularity.

    Avaline is nice but I'd spell it Aveline or just go for Eveline. You're going to have spelling and pronunciation issues whichever you go with. I still think Imogen and Allegra are by far your best options. Both also have lovely meanings, Imogen meaning "beloved child" and Allegra "joyous".

    How about:

    Allegra Claire
    Allegra Blair
    Allegra Blythe
    Allegra May
    Allegra Maeve
    Allegra Jane
    Allegra June
    Allegra Pearl
    Allegra Lark
    Allegra Bay
    Allegra Kate
    Allegra Faith
    Allegra Faye
    Allegra Belle
    Allegra Fern
    Allegra Grace
    Allegra Blue
    Allegra Brooke
    Allegra Eve
    Allegra Gwen
    Allegra Tess
    Allegra Snow
    Imogen Claire
    Imogen Blair
    Imogen Blythe
    Imogen May
    Imogen Maeve
    Imogen Pearl
    Imogen Rose
    Imogen Wren
    Imogen Lark
    Imogen Lake
    Imogen Bay
    Imogen Kate
    Imogen Ruth
    Imogen Faith
    Imogen Hope
    Imogen Faye
    Imogen Belle
    Imogen Grace
    Imogen Anne
    Imogen Blue
    Imogen Brooke
    Imogen Eve
    Imogen Greer
    Imogen Tess
    Imogen Snow

    Hope there's something in there! Best of luck, and don't doubt your beautiful final two choices
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