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    Allegra or Imogen and what middle name?

    I hate to repeat my my post but 2 months on and 1 week until my little miss arrives, we still can't decide on a name for her. My husband doesn't love either name, but will agree in the end if we could only find a middle name for either one.
    As our surname is Barrett, I feel we may need a one syllable middle name??
    It's really important to me to have a unique, strong but elegant first name and I think Imogen and allegra fit this,but would love to hear what other people think. I think I am getting commitment issues on both and need some external feedback please.
    The other names I like are
    Many thanks to any feedback

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    I love Imogen, I think that's a great name that covers "different" but also ages well. Allegra is nice, but all I think of is the allergy medicine!

    I'm not crazy about the rest of your list, but Savannah isn't bad. Avaline could work, but I really hate the name Ava. Same with Dylan - that name is nails on a chalkboard to me.

    I think you should go with Imogen. It's at the top of your list and fits your criteria.

    Imogen Pearl
    Imogen Clarice
    Imogen Louise
    Imogen Savannah
    Imogen Allegra
    Mom to 5 hilarious kids:
    Twins Graham Henry and Everett Sebastian, Sylvia Pearl, Nina Lucille and Erica Felicity

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    I definitely prefer Allegra. I cannot shake the old lady image of Imogen!! I know people on this forum love it though.

    I will try to come up with some combos based on your list. Seems you are like me and like both soft & girly names and unisex names! So I'll try to balance out one with the other.

    Savannah Quinn
    Savannah Wren
    Fallon Hope
    Avaline Gray
    Avaline Joy
    Allegra June
    Allegra Rose

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    I know sisters with those names! I love them both but I like Imogen a little more.
    Imogen Alice
    Imogen Quinn
    Imogen Rose
    Imogen Ruby
    Imogen Lacey
    Imogen Faith
    Imogen Cate
    Imogen Aubrey
    Imogen Grace

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