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    I think vivienne and ivy are great choices ! Quinn is nms but I think it makes a nice name, unfortunately I have a had time taking clover seriously. I can imagine it on a rabbit or small child but not an adult. Supreme court justice Vivienne last name is easy to picture but supreme court justice clover lastname...not so much.
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    Ivy Quinn is soooo cute!!! Definitely:-)

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    I have had the name Ivy picked out since I was in high school We just found out a guy my dh works with are naming there baby Ivy June she is due 3 weeks after me. Do you think thats awkward. She had posted on fb I am not friends with her only met once and my dh only works with the guy once in a while. What about Quinn Ivy or Quinn Vivienne or Quinn Clover?

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    Ivy Quinn is cute but I like Vivienne Quinn more.

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    There are a Lot of nn in that lol

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