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    Quote Originally Posted by penguin View Post
    No, I don't feel that way at all. In fact, I think it's terrible that after High School you seem to still have the same petty judgments about people not being 'cool' enough for you. Are you suggesting that the only good names are the ones of cheerleaders or jocks? It's different if you have a bad association with a person, for example, I couldn't use Helen because of a college roommate who was a nightmare, but to discard a name because a poor, socially awkward kid in your school had it is horrible!
    I think you're taking it the wrong way.
    Also, just because a kid is popular doesn't mean their a cheerleader or a jock, nor does being unpopular mean that they aren't a cheerleader or a jock.

    OP did say that it was the way the kid was treated that affected her perception on the name. I wouldn't name my child something that brought up a negative perception either. But that's just me.
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    No, not at all. I think I outgrew perceptions of peoples names from high school a few years after I graduated.

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    Jasmine, Lucy

    Also I LOVE but could never use Stella, it's such a beautiful name, but I read two books in a row last year where a little girl called Stella met an untimely end

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    Tammy and April
    I had issues with more than one girl named Tammy and an awful roommate named April
    The funny thing is, these are the names of my 2 closest friends now! LOL

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    My best friend since Kindergarten is named, Tara. But yes, i understand.. I could never use the name Sarah in any form for a reason similar to that.. LOL

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