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    Your newest little bundle of joy, Ivy is now a whole year old. Your little girl, Emmie, has just begun Kindergarten. You couldn’t be more proud of her. Her little brother, Zayn, is right on her heels too. Your wonderful boyfriend, August, has convinced you to get your GED. You’ve been working hard toward it, and you’re finally ready to take the test. You really want to go to college to do something that earns a lot of money.

    You take the test and you pass! You’re so excited. Your life has been extremely hectic, but you’ve managed to surpass the hardest spots…with the help of August, of course. He’s been your rock, while your kids have been your motivation. When you call August to tell him you passed your GED, he surprises you and tells you he knew you would, so he got Lydia to watch the kids tonight. He’s taking you out to a fancy dinner in celebration.

    You quickly get all dolled up for the special occasion. Lydia comes to get the kids and gives you big hugs and kisses as a congratulations. While you’re waiting for him to get home from work, you start thinking about your wonderful times with August. It’s been 3 years since the two of you met and began dating. How much your life has changed (for the better) during those years. You realize that you want nothing more than to spend the rest of your life with him.

    Suddenly you wake up from the phone ringing. You answer it, wondering what time it is. The voice on the other end is familiar. It’s August’s mother. She’s crying hysterically, and you can’t understand a word she’s saying…but you don’t need to. You suddenly realize you’re still in your dress. You’ve never moved, which means August never came home. You look at the clock. It’s 11pm. He was supposed to be home no later than 9pm. You hang up the phone, even though she’s still talking. You call August’s cell phone. No answer. You’re in too much shock for any sort of reaction. This can’t be happening. No…this is all a misunderstanding. So you call his sister, Naomi. She answers, but she too is crying. You’re able to understand her, though. She tells you that August was running across a crosswalk downtown when he was hit by a car and killed immediately. Apparently, Naomi just had to identify his body. She says that they found a bag with an engagement ring in a little black box near his body. He had told the jewelry store owner that he had to rush home so he wasn't late for the dinner reservations he'd made with his future fiancee. You once again hang up the phone without saying goodbye, but this time you just sit there…staring at the wall. Then, you start crying uncontrollably.

    You wake up to a knock on the door. It’s Lydia with Emmie, Zayn and Ivy. Your sister asks you what happened, and you break down crying. Over the next few hours, you manage to tell her, she forces you to take a shower, and she feeds the kids (and you). She winds up staying the night because she doesn’t feel like you should be left alone. She decides she’s going to get you help – and by “help”, she means your eldest brother…the only person she knows you’ve always loved and trusted in. Lydia uses a good chunk of her savings to locate your brother, Hugo. It only takes a week before he’s found…not far from where you live currently. She gives him a call and in one breath explains almost everything that’s happened to you since she’s known you. An hour later, there’s a knock on your door. She grabs the kids and walks out as your dear brother, as handsome as always, walks in. You instantly begin to sob, and he quickly hugs you for comfort.

    Over the next few hours, you catch up with Hugo. He’s 28 now, has a wife, and 3 children. His two boys are 10 and 6. His little girl is 3, and is named after you. He says he’s always wanted to find you, but figured your life had been better than his, and you may not have wanted to return to people of your past. You quickly realize that your lives have been somewhat similar. His eldest son, Leo Henry Baxter, has never known his mother. She gave birth to him and ran off with her new boyfriend, and never looked back. His middle child, Finn Edward Baxter, visited his mom on weekends until he was 3, which is when she overdosed and died. His little girl, Piper Tabitha Baxter, is his only child with his wife, Amelie Harriet Baxter. He explains that he only ever calls her Heaven.

    Your brother has had a head start on things and has really pulled himself out of the doom he was headed for. He and Amelie own their 5 bedroom home. He insists that you come live with them…at least for a while until you’re able to get back on your feet. He says that Emmie can share a room with his little Heaven, Zayn can share with his 6 year old, and you can have your room with your littlest one. He says he’s already discussed it with Amelie, and she’s perfectly fine and understanding of your situation. You agree that that’s probably the best thing you can do at this point. So Hugo helps you pack the most essential things, says the rest can be taken care of later, and you head out to grab your kids, and you’re on your way to your new home.

    A week after moving into your brother’s house, you’re glad you made this choice. You also talk to August’s mother, father, and sister about changing Emmie's and Zayn’s last names to Poole. They all agree that they feel your kids are as close of family to them and to August as Ivy is. So you legally change their names to Emersyn Olyvia Poole & Zayn Jaykob Poole.

    Two months after moving in, your sister in law gives birth to a little boy. They let you name him with their approval. You want to go with a nature-ish name that fits with your youngest’s name. So you name him River George Baxter.

    So Hugo and Amelie share a room with their newest addition, River, you share a room with your youngest, Ivy, Leo has his own room (for now), Finn and Zayn share a room, and Piper and Ivy share a room. This house is starting to feel a little cramped…but it’s still cozy. You decide you're going to become a doctor and save people's lives. Hopefully you'll prevent some people from going through the tragedy you've recently experienced.
    Arthur, August, Cassius, Ezra, Hector, Henry, Jonah, Theodore, Wilfred, Winston

    Adele, Beatrice, Clara, Eliza, Ivy, Josephine, Matilda, Pearl, Penelope, Rosa

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