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  • sounds like "grin"

    40 76.92%
  • sounds like "green"

    10 19.23%
  • rhymes with "brine"

    1 1.92%
  • Spell it traditionally as Peregrine

    31 59.62%
  • Go with Peregrin

    4 7.69%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    How do you pronounce Peregrine?

    I'm finding a surprising number of people aren't sure how to pronounce our Most Favored Name, Peregrine. I've never heard anything other than the "sounds like grin" ending so I thought it might be pertinent to find out just how big a problem this is going to be.

    We're toying with the idea of omitting the final E, which we don't really want to do since historically the name has the E, i.e. Peregrine White, and we like the connection with the Peregrine falcon. However, I would entertain the idea if it saved the kid a big headache.

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    Spell it Peregrine and it sounds like "grin". Will he have the nn Perry or no nickname?
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    Tell you what--I'll ask around before I vote. I pronounce it with the "sounds like grin" ending, and I didn't think it was a difficult name, but maybe I'll do a little personal polling to see if I get a different impression. I would incline toward the traditional E-ending, unless I find people really do have a hard time with it. Tell them to watch the Lord of the Rings movies!
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    I live in the United States, and I've always thought Peregrine was with the "green" ending, like the bird... I thought it was one of those words names...sorry. I'm not very worldly though, so..

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    I never knew it was a question, I've always said it as "grin" at the end.
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