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    Middle name from clunky family names

    Would love to get thoughts from you creative namers on working in some family names. At this point, first names we both love are Amelie, Penelope, and Lorelei.

    We'd like to use the middle name spot to honor some family members, many of whom have very old/traditional Polish names.

    1. Jozefa: she went by Joza (pronounced like "Yo-zef-a"). Josephine or Josie are options so far.

    2. Jadwiga. It's a version of Hedwig, which is out of the question. Pronounced "Yawd-vee-ga." She goes by the nickname Jagoda ("Pagoda" with a Y sound) which translates to "blueberry." We had considered mn Blue honoring Jagoda, but I don't exactly want people to think she was named after Beyonce's baby....but I do love how Penelope Blue sounds, too out there for a non-starbaby?

    3. Wanda. pronounced with the V start. Wanda doesn't do much for me, Vanda? Can anyone think of a way to make it feel fresh?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions/ideas.

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    Hmmm this is a tricky one! I adore your first names though, especially Penelope! I hope to have a little Penelope one day And I love Amelie too, so sweet and pretty. Lorelei is my least favourite of the 3 but I do like it too.

    So here's what I have:

    Penelope Josephine
    Penelope Joanna
    Penelope Josepha
    Penelope Josette
    Amelie Joanna
    Amelie Josephine
    Amelie Josepha
    Amelie Josette
    Lorelei Josie
    Lorelei Joanna
    Lorelei Josephine
    Lorelei Josette
    Lorelei Josepha

    Wanda was harder, the best I could come up with is that Wanda means "wanderer" so I thought of names with the same meaning:

    Penelope Gitana
    Amelie Gitana
    Lorelei Gitana
    Lorelei Gypsy

    Or maybe just any V or W name?

    Penelope Vida
    Penelope Vivienne
    Amelie Vida
    Penelope Wren
    Penelope Willa
    Amelie Vivienne
    Amelie Wren
    Amelie Willa
    Lorelei Vida
    Lorelei Vivienne
    Lorelei Wren
    Lorelei Willa

    I really like Penelope Blue a lot actually, but timing is bad with little Blue Ivy's name being so publicised, many people will think that's where you got your inspiration from. If that doesn't bother you though then I say go for it! Or Amelie Blue, Lorelei Blue. Or maybe you could even spell it Bleu to detract from the Blue Ivy associations. Also, how about:

    Penelope Bluebell
    Penelope Cyane
    Penelope Meena
    Amelie Bluebell
    Amelie Cyane
    Lorelei Bluebell
    Lorelei Cyane
    Lorelei Meena
    Lorelei Hedy

    I hope there's something in there that helps! My faves are: Penelope Blue, Amelie Blue, Penelope Josephine, Amelie Josephine, Penelope Joanna, Amelie Joanna, Penelope Bluebell and Amelie Bluebell.

    Best of luck!
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    Wow thank you so much! I know these aren't exactly easy names to deal with and getting your brainstorm really helps.

    I love all your variations on the "blue" theme and will definitely share with my husband...the more I say it out loud, Penelope Blue or Amelie Blue are strong contenders despite Blue Ivy. It's funny, I didn't think of Josette and I have a Josette waaay back in my family. Amelie Josephine is also sweet, and I have an aunt who goes by AJ so it would be a two-for-one.

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