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    sister for Bennett and Owen?

    So, we just found out the wonderful news on Valentine's Day that we are expecting! I am sooo happy and excited. You guys really helped me with boy names (and I am suspecting I may be carrying a boy) however, I would like to now get some ideas for girls' names. The boy names I like so far are Owen Martin and Bennett Calhound combos.

    For girls: so far I have

    Susannah Margaret Woolf (I think Susannah would make a nice sister for Bennett :-)

    Charlotte Esmee Woolf (DH likes Charlotte but i am concerned with trendiness/popularity)

    Stella Catharine Woolf (I think this would complement Owen)

    What's your opinions on these, and PLEASE can you think of any others that might work with our style? Thanks so much berries!!

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    Susannah I don't like at all.
    Charlotte is far from trendy! It's a bit popular online, but in actuality I don't think it's popular at all. I think it will end up being popular in upcoming years though. But it's 100% far from trendy.
    Stella fits Bennett and Owen wonderfully.

    Other ideas:
    Cordelia nn Delia
    Nathaniel . Eden | Alessandra . Noel

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    Charlotte is at the top of our list too. If you live in New England, it is very popular (about 14th), but less so in other parts if the country. I love it! Susannah is beautiful too, Stella is nms.
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    Thanks for the responses. We live in Georgia. I believe Charlotte is more popular up north, and I can handle that. I have never even met a little Charlotte in real life even though it's the #1 name on nameberry. :-] My husband also loves charlotte and it's rare for him to like any name I suggest... so it may be a front-runner if this baby is a girl. I am having feelings it is a boy though... so we shall see!

    Thanks for the other suggestions. I love Caroline, but that is the name of a close friend's daughter. Lilah is lovely, but we have one right down the street...I've always liked Adele but worried about the singer connection, since she is wildly popular right now. We both like Amelia although again, I would feel i was "stealing' that name since she's the daughter of my husband's coworker's girlfriend, and we have hung out with them several times..... sooo I want my baby to have her / his own name

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    I love Charlotte, I also love Margaret as a first name with either Owen or Bennett...I esp. love the nn "Maggie", but Margo could also work, not so much with Owen though I guess. Stella is pretty, but I don't like it as much as the others on your list for some reason. My favorites are Amelia, Pheobe and Caroline. Adele is seems to get a great match with a lot of names as a mn.

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