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    Sophia Adele and Elizabeth Rose are lovely names and if these are the ones you like, you should use them! If you want more suggestions though, here are a few. If you want to still honor Adele and not use the exact name, you could use Sophia Adelaide or Adelaide Sophia and I think this would work well with Elizabeth or Rose. If you are going to use Rosie as a nn, I would put Rose first. You could use Rose Elizabeth or if you wanted a longer first name, you could use Rosemary Elizabeth or Rosamond Elizabeth. I think all of these work well with Sophia or Adelaide. All the best!

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    Beautiful combos, they roll off the tounge well. I agree with the other comment that they are commonly used names, so as long as that doesn't matter, and that is what you are looking for. As for your sister, you did not know and she never claimed it. Share it! If she wants to use it later then she can. She has to understand that you need a name now, and she may not need it ever. Don't feel bad. Adele is gorgeous!
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    Sophia Adele and Elizabeth Rose. Both lovely.

    I'm also not sure about using Rosie as a nickname – you can get so many wonderful nicknames from Elizabeth, that it seems a little strange to me. However I think most nicknames evolve over time, so I don't think it is an issue to get caught up on.

    As for your sister, how silly! I think that since Adele is in the middle spot, then when she has the opportunity she can use it too. (Plus what if she only has boys and you are always left regretting not having used the name?)

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    I agree with the majority of the comments above: I think using Adele as a mn means it can be shared as a family name and your sister should be able to come to terms with this; it could be a lovely bond for future cousins (perhaps thatis a way to sell it to her?) The suggestion of Adelaide is a good one too (I love this name). I would be inclined to use Rose (or a longer version) for the first name if your intention is to mainly call her Rosie; being known by a name that is completely different to your fn is a big pain in the $%^&.

    My other hesitations would be that Sophia (& Sophie) is very popular right now, but that may not be a problem for you. One option would be Josephine/a which could be shortened to Sophie/a but there is the option to be Jo/Josie etc if there are too many Sophias in her class, workplace etc. Also I would be inclined to switch the mns as I think that the double 'a' of Sophia Adele is a bit awkward - Sophia Rose and Elizabeth Adele works better IMO....or....
    Rose Elizabeth & Adelaide Sophia
    Josephine Adele & Rosamond Elizabeth

    All of the above being said, I think your choices as they are are quite lovely (and lucky you for getting twin girls!)
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    Sophia Adele is absolutely perfect! I love it, and it has meaning. It's classic and stylish. Wow, yes I love it!

    Elizabeth is a lovely sister name but I would try to find a middle name with more meaning since Adele has so much meaning to you, I wouldn't want Elizabeth to feel left out. Or if your husband really wants to call her Rosie, why not keep the Rose (as a first name or middle name) and drop Elizabeth in favour of another family name. Perhaps another grandmother (yours or your partners) or your mother or mother-in-laws name, or your middle name or even your sisters name or middle name to try and make her feel involved in the process and as a peace offering over the Adele situation.

    I don't think she can claim Adele if you announced first a desire to use it, and are the first to be having a daughter.

    Good luck!

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