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    Redone...Twin Sister names for my babes! :)

    Hello everyone. I have recently posted about twin girls names my hubby and I had chosen. But..after seeing some of your answers we are second guessing ourselves. The original names we had were Sophia Kate and Anna-Grace. We had chosen these names because we likes them and thought they were pretty. But the ones we are considering now are names that have more personal meaning to us. It amazing how quickly you can become attached to names when they are personal. So, the first name is Sophia Adele. Sophia is a name that means a lot to us. We think it is beautiful and timeless...Adele is my grandmothers name whom I am extremely close to. I don't know why I never thought of using her name before...I supposed because she only when by her nickname,Tense. Our next name is Elizabeth Rose. I have adored Elizabeth for as long as I can remember. I love that it is a bible name,classic and timeless. My hubby likes all of the nickname potential. He chose Rose as the middle name. I love it ...but I am now sure if I love it as much as Adele. He wants to call her Rosie and I agree it is a sweet name. Do you think the name compliment one another, some style, twin names but not too matchy. Also...what is your opinion on "name stealing" I know my sister likes the name Adele and would someday (maybe in about 5-10 years) use it. She is not married, dating or pregnant. She have never voiced wanting to use this name until after we had chosen it. She had never told anyone is the family that it was her "name" and that she was using it. How was I to know...*sigh* She says I have stolen it from her...ugh. I don't want to cause strife but can you claim a name without voicing it and without intention of using it for YEARS to come. I feel torn. We have searched and searched for names we love and that feel "right" to us. Sophia Adele and Elizabeth Rose are "the ones" to us. Comments PLEASE! God bless!

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    What beautiful names you have chosen! Sophia Adele and Elizabeth Rose go so nicely together. Sophia and Elizabeth are classics that will grow well on your little girls! *(As a side note, if you want to call Elizabeth "Rosie," have you thought of naming her
    Rose Elizabeth, instead? Sophia and Rose make beautiful sisters, too.)

    As for your sister, you have not stolen the name Adele from her, as you didn't know she wanted to use it in the first place! How about suggesting to her that you would like Adele to be a family name? My sister and I, as well as several cousins, used Catherine as a mn for our daughters, and we consider Catherine to be a family name that is carried on throughout the generations.

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    Sophia Adele and Elizabeth Rose are lovely! Sophia and Elizabeth pair really well and I love the family connection for Adele. I agree with @kyemsma that if you plan on calling her Rosie Rose Elizabeth might be a bit easier.

    I agree that you couldn't have possibly stolen Adele from your sister, either! If she never said anything there is no way you could have known. Sophia Adele is lovely and if it's a family name then I think name stealing goes right out the window, lol. Why should one person be able to honor a family member but not the next? My sister once told me that she wanted to use Genevieve Grace, nn Gigi, sort of in honor of our grandmother (Arlene Grace). I didn't say anything, especially since we're both years from being mothers ourselves, but I had already planned for months to use Grace somewhere in my first daughter's name to honor the same grandmother! I have every right to name my daughter after our grandmother as my sister does. I have no issue with my daughter sharing a mn with my niece... My grandmother's an amazing person. She deserves to be honored twice, haha. I would just talk to your sister and tell her you want to use it in honor of your grandmother. As you said, you're extremely close to your grandmother, and if she wanted to use it, she should have told you earlier.

    Good luck!
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    Really pretty names for twin sisters and I would not worry about your sister. Maybe you could just mention to her that someday when she has a daughter she should feel free to also use the name Adele if she still wants too. You both have the right to use a special family name.

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    I think Sophia and Elizabeth are great together.
    Adele and Rose are lovely, equalizing middle names as well.

    My only dislike is that Rose is such an over used middle name, imo. And Sophia is so incredibly common. Elizabeth is a bit common sounding as well. They don't stand out in my mind at all. Except for Adele. But that's just my preference, these are your twins, and your names to choose. I still like the combos very much, and think they sound great.

    Your sister is just being a bit hurt. It's nothing to get upset about. She's not dating or even close to expecting, use it. It's being used as a middle name anyways, and it's your grandmother's name. You have equal rights to it. It's not like it's the first name. Use it, and don't think twice!
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