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    Honestly, I'm the opposite on most names. The only names I really love that end in a are Serena and Cordelia. I prefer Isabel, Olive, Caroline, Natalie, Adrienne, etc over their a ending counterparts. I've pretty much always been that way. But then again I've never been a huge fan of most belle/bella names.

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    I've always wondered about this, too! It does seem that most -a endings are a lot more popular than the non-"A" endings, but after reading a few of the comments, I've thought of some that don't fit the rule! Natalie is more popular than Natalia, and Lily and Lillian are more popular than Liliana...

    I honestly go back and forth on which I prefer... sometimes I think I lean more toward the non-a endings, as Isabelle and Arianne are my top two, and Isabella and Ariana aren't. Olivia is on my top 3, though, and Olive isn't (although I would consider Olive as a nn for Olivia, as well as Liv, Livy, and Via!)... Liliana has been on my list but I'm seriously thinking of giving it up for Lillian. I prefer Aurelie to Aurelia, but Emilia to Emily/Emilie... I like Julia more than Julie, but Sophie more than Sophia... I honestly don't know why for some names I prefer the "A" ending and others I prefer the other ending... I seem to be a bit hodge-podge in that area, haha.
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    Spanish-Italian version? To me, both version is beautiful by their own.
    It depends on what you need.
    But maybe the a-ending is more popular because it sounds more delicate and feminin.

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    In a lot of eastern european countries, all girls names end in -a (as a caroline who married into a polish family, my inlaws usually say it carolina/carolinka just because it sounds strange to them otherwise).

    I'm not sure just how many other cultures it's the same, but I'm guessing many.

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    In my opinion, Julie sounds fresher and younger than Julia.
    No offence meant, my name is Julia!
    I like a lot of names that don't end in -a, like Eulalie, Valerie, Rosalie, Josephine, Rose, etc.
    But I also prefer Arabella to Annabel, Brianna to Brianne and Roxanna to Roxanne.
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