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    A sister for Milania

    Hi everyone!

    I am new to these boards. My husband and I had no trouble naming our first daughter, because I've always been in love with the name Milania. However, we're having a lot of trouble naming Milania's little sister! We like girly names that are on the longer side. Our daughter's full name is Milania Marie, and sometimes we call her Mia. So far we like:


    But we aren't in love with any of them need of suggestions!!

    Only 8 weeks left


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    Ah! I love Milania. That's cute. Hmmmmm... It reminds me of Milan, in Italy. So how about the name Florence?
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    Vivienne nn Vivi is cute with Mia and the full names sound nice together, too

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    WOW! You and I have VERY similar taste. Milania was one of my favorite names for a long time. My husband and I both LOVE the longer more melodic/romantic sounding names as well. And of your options, even more shocking is that Catalina is my grandmother's name (and going to be my daughters either FN or MN, who is due to arrive any day now). How incredible the coincidence! And you know, i've looked it up on the Social Security website and Catalina has not been used in a while. Maybe you and I are bringing the name back? I also considered Francesca, (which oddly is the sister of my grandmother Catalina). Just for your background...both of these women were highly educated and hail from 3rd world countries. Catalina was a school principal, and Francesca was a bit quiter (she took over as my grandmother type when my grandma Catalina passed away) but BOTH women were extremely strong and self-sufficient. When i think of these romantic, and delicate names, I have images of strong women who have overcome incredible odds to attribute them to. So I am biased on either Catalina or Francesca.

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