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    Raquel is a great suggestion!
    What about an R fn with mn Oxanna / Oksanna or Axelle?
    Rosemary Axelle
    Rose Oxanna
    Ramona Axelle
    Raina Axelle
    Reagan Oxanna

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    I like the above suggestion of Raquelle. I think Roslyn could work, or Rosemary, Rosalind, or plain old Rose.

    Do you have a mn chosen? I'm even thinking a R- first name and an X middle name (Beatrix, Alexandra...) could be contracted to Roxy. Off hand, I like Roslyn Beatrix.

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    Roslyn Beatrix or Rose Alexandra are very pretty. (I sort of like all the Ros- names.) I have met a Roxandra, which is an Eastern European version of Roxanne/Roxanna.

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    I like Rosalyn for Roxy. Beautiful and I think it works for the nn while still giving her the option for a full, more substantial name. as she gets older . Have you considered Roxana as a middle? That could work too.

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    Could even go with Rochelle or Rochel

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