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    Full Name For Roxy

    My husband and I love the nickname Roxy but we would never use it as a full name. We don't like Roxanne or Roxanna though, and we aren't sure of any other names that could use Roxy as a nickname. One name we came up with that we love is Roslyn. Could Roslyn work? Any other suggestions are welcome and appreciated!
    - Alyssa and Ethan

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    Roslyn may work, but it's definitely not an intuitive nickname for me. I have no real other ideas though, Love Roxie though!!

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    I think any of the Ros- names would work. If you call her Roxy and she introduces herself as such, people will know what to call her. If she decides she wants to go by Rose or Rosalyn later in life, she could.

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    Agreed. Roxy might not be the first nn people come to, but if your daughter introduces herself as a Roxy, then that's what she'll be. A Ros- name would work just fine!

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    What about Raquelle? Very similar sounding to the start of Roxy, I think.

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