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    Vancouver, Canada
    DW: Lucia Summer "Lucy"
    DH: George Noah

    DD: Laila Evangeline [10]
    DS/DS: George Michael/Henry Alexander [4]
    DD: Beatrice Caroline [3]
    DD: Christine Michelle [1]
    DS: Charlie Maxwell [nb]

    (we go for Mexican food, he proposes five months later, we have a sunny wedding and 6 months later I am pregnant)

    Lucy and George have Laila, George, Henry, Beatrice, Christine and Charlie

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    You are a 21 years old and just graduated college with a degree as a:
    3. Lawyer

    roll for first and middle:
    Name: Summer Sunday

    On your birthday you go to a club with your friends and meet a boy. His initials are:
    2. GN
    Name: Garrett Nathaniel

    He asks you on a date. What kind of a restaurant do you go?
    6. Mexican

    how many months later does he propose? 3

    What is the theme of your wedding? It has to coordinate with the theme of the restaurant he took you to. Cinco de Mayo Wedding on a Mexican beach.

    How many months after your honeymoon do you get pregnant? 2

    What is his/her gender and name? Roll the dice. First and middle from:
    4: Boy:
    Name: Beckett Jude

    how many years later are your second child/ren? Roll the dice:
    3/4: G/G: twins:
    Names: Georgia Arden and Nora Keaton

    how many more times do you get pregnant? Roll the dice.
    1/2: 1

    4th child:
    2/4/6: Boy:
    Name: Caleb Lucas

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    I am 21 years old and I just graduated college with a degree as a lawyer. My name is Saskia Marisol Winters.

    On my birthday, I go to the club with my friends and meet a guy named Gregory Nathaniel Black. He asks me on a date, where we go an Indian,restaurant. One great month later, after numerous dates, he proposed. Despite our friends' warnings, we still get married. We get married in the Indian restaurant of our first date, and we wear traditional Indian wedding attire, even though neither of us are Indian. We honeymoon in India, of course.

    Six months later, I am pregnant with our first child. Months later, we welcomed a little boy: Jethro Elliott Black.

    Jethro is three when we welcome Iris Margot & Lilac Georgia Black.

    Jethro is eight, and Iris and Lilac are 5, we welcome another little boy, Dashiell Harrison Black, our little Dash.

    And lastly, three years later, when Jet is 11, the girls are 8 & Dash is three, we welcome the last addition of the Black Clan: Little Miss Willa Clementine Black.
    Sari, college freshman

    Cressida. Rosalind. Vera.
    Sage. Casimir. Lucian.

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    Rhode Island

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    I am 21 years old and just graduated college with a degree as a Lawyer.
    My name: Gemma Simone Campbell
    On my birthday I go to a club with my friends and meet a boy. His initials are JKF, his name is Joshua Kyle Foster.
    He asks me on a date. We go to a Tuscan restaurant.
    He proposes 3 months later.
    We have a destination wedding in Tuscany. We stay and tour Italy for our honeymoon.
    4 months after we get back, we're expecting.
    We have a boy who we named Noah Gabriel Foster.
    It wasn't until 6 years later that we were expecting again.
    We have twin girls who we named Hazel Juniper Foster and Laurel Grove Foster.
    3 years later, we have another child.
    We have our third girl who we named Lucy Violet Foster.
    Another 4 years after that and we're expecting again.
    We have another baby girl who we named Alexandra "Lexie" Nicole Foster.
    1 year later, we are expecting for the last time.
    We have twin boys and we named them Wyatt Dallas Foster and Oliver Beau Foster.

    Hazel and Laurel-9

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