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    You are a 21 years old and just graduated college with a degree as a:
    6. Teacher

    roll for first and middle: Aya Robin

    On your birthday you go to a club with your friends and meet a boy. His initials are: Micah Benjamin
    6. MB

    He asks you on a date. What kind of a restaurant do you go?
    2. Chinese

    how many months later does he propose? Roll the dice. 2

    What is the theme of your wedding? It has to coordinate with the theme of the restaurant he took you to. red and black

    How many months after your honeymoon do you get pregnant? Roll the dice. 5

    What is his/her gender and name? Roll the dice. First and middle from: Cooper Riley
    1. Boy:

    how many years later are your second child/ren? Roll the dice: 3

    3/4: G/G: twins: Bronte Georgia & Lola Chloe

    how many more times do you get pregnant? Roll the dice.
    5/6: 3

    4th child: Ava Madeline
    1/3/5: Girl:

    5th child: Philippa 'Pippa' Simone
    3/5/6: Girl:

    6th child/ren Harry Maxwell

    List everyone's names and ages (you can pick).
    Aya & Micah
    Cooper (9)
    Bronte & Lola (6)
    Ava (3)
    Pippa (2)
    Harry (6 months)

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