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    You are a 21 years old and just graduated college with a degree as a:

    6. Teacher

    Gemma Octavia Grant

    On your birthday you go to a club with your friends and meet a boy. His initials are:

    Dustin Franklin Hughs

    He asks you on a date. What kind of a restaurant do you go?

    1. Tuscan

    how many months later does he propose? 6

    What is the theme of your wedding? We get married in Tuscany Italy

    How many months after your honeymoon do you get pregnant? 3

    What is his name?
    Jackson Cruz Hughs

    how many years later are your second children? 2

    Laurel Willow Hughs
    Hazel Olive Hughs

    how many more times do you get pregnant? 1

    4th child:
    Hayden Anderson Hughs

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