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    Middle name between two single syllable names?

    So I'm in love with Rose. I've posted before concerning longer variations because we have a single syllable last name, but I just don't love any like I love sweet, simple Rose. So what do you think? If I put a long 3 or even 4 syllable name in the middle would that help the abruptness of two single syllable names?

    Any mn suggestions? Last name starts with a T, and I'd like to avoid having her initials spell a word like RAT or ROT!

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    I definitely think that would work. My niece has a 1 syllable first and last name, however her middle name is also 1 syllable. I don't like that, but I think a middle name with 3 or more syllables would be lovely. How about:

    Rose Valentina
    Rose Genevieve
    Rose Penelope
    Rose Mirabella
    Rose Anneliese
    Rose Juliet
    Rose Sophia
    Rose Seraphina
    Rose Milena
    Rose Tabitha
    Rose Georgina
    Rose Viviana
    Rose Ariana
    Rose Adriana
    Rose Ariadne
    Rose Calliope
    Rose Beatrix
    Rose Josephine
    Rose Elisabeth
    Rose Clementina
    Rose Indigo
    Rose Sidonie
    Rose Felicity
    Rose Anastasia
    Rose Cordelia
    Rose Catalina
    Rose Talullah
    Rose Matilda
    Rose Luciana
    Rose Lorelei
    Rose Kerensa
    Rose Helena
    Rose Eliza
    Rose Alessandra

    Hope that helps a little! Not really sure of your style so I tried to include a variety of names

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