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    This Place Name?

    Camrose. I saw it on a map of Canada, and I love it! I'm not completely satisfied with Allison, because it's not as unique. But I have never seen anyone with this name! Camrose Snow sounds pretty cute too. :] your thoughts?
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    I like the sound of it, and Camrose Snow does sound very pretty

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    I would be hesitant to pick a place name off a map just based on how it sounds without any connection to the place or any idea of if the place is nice...I grew up in NJ and I can't believe people name their kids Camden!
    Camrose sounds pretty, but I like Allison & it's origins and nicknames ect...also I like Camilla Rose nn Camrose (or Cameron Rose if that's more your style?)

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    Oh I love it. Probably because I'm Canadian. Lol.
    But really, it's very pretty! Camrose. I like it more than Cameron on a girl.
    Camrose Allison would be pretty, but Camrose Snow is lovely.
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    I live near Camrose actually, I can't picture it on a child and think it's kind of sily because it's so local to me but I bet people in London, Ireland and other place names think the same. It could be a pretty name if it wasn't so placey to me. Also, I wouldn't suggest just picking a name off a map, every city has a reputation that you may or may not want to associate your child with unknowingly.

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