View Poll Results: Names for our twin girls?

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  • Beatrice Ophelia Jane & Felicity Cordelia Grace

    10 17.24%
  • Beatrice Ophelia Jane & Genevieve Cordelia Blythea

    8 13.79%
  • Genevieve Camilla Rose & Anneliese Margaret Faye

    22 37.93%
  • Eloise Matilda Claire & Violet Annabelle Mae

    10 17.24%
  • Felicity Juliet Grace & Violet Ophelia Jane

    8 13.79%
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    DH and I loooove the suggestion of Genevieve Cordelia Rose & Anneliese Juliet Faye!
    Thank you so much, keep voting !
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    Quote Originally Posted by honeydew View Post
    DH and I loooove the suggestion of Genevieve Cordelia Rose & Anneliese Juliet Faye!
    Thank you so much, keep voting !
    Oh I'm really glad you liked it
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    I voted for Felicity Juliet Grace and Violet Ophelia Jane. I think they are both beautiful names and suite each other perfectly. Plus, I love that the names themselves aren't matchy, but their nicknames would have a sense of being matched. Lissie and Lettie are just so cute together!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ljandrl View Post
    I love Beatrice, but personally I'd worry that one twin would feel like they got stuck with the "uglier" old lady name, whereas their twin got a frilly, elegant, feminine name. Not that I think Beatrice Ophelia is an ugly old lady name! Lol. I just think it's more likely to be percieved that way by the non-Nameberry world.
    I agree with this.. I also voted for Ginny & Annie. I really do like the name Beatrice, but if I was Beatrice and my twin was Felicity or Genevieve, I would feel like I had the "uglier" name. I think it's a lovely name in and of itself, but with those combinations it comes off slightly plainer.

    Good luck!

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